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Join me 

Soul To Soul!

We are in a very powerful time of Awakening.   

Being supported with clear information, healing, and transformation is essential in these times to know you are not alone and that you have the resources available to navigate the inner and outer changes taking place.   

My Soul purpose is to assist and facilitate your own empowered and clear direct knowing from within that guides and supports you to embody your Soul.   I have been on my Awakening journey for over 2 decades.     

On my path I have reached out for guidance and mentorship when I felt that I was unable to reach the depths of myself on my own and to learn tools for dealing with the emotions, thoughts, overwhelm, shifts in consciousness and changes I knew I had to make along the way.  

During This Session Together We Will Create a deep connection with your Soul to tend to what is present and open into these possibilities,

each session will highlight what is necessary and may not involve all listed possibilities listed here...

  • Direct information and healing

  • Discover solutions, answers, and next steps on your Awakening journey

  • Transform those pesky patterns that seem to stall your full connection and alignment with your soul led life

  • Know your purpose as a Soul and direction for creating the necessary changes to live your purpose

  • Give you tools for daily transformation, integration and clarity. 

  • Activate DNA, Crystalline Light Body and Your Path.

Are you ready to be Clear Transformed & Soul Embodied?!

In your Clarity and Transformation Session You will receive:

  • A One Hour Call

  • Recording of the Call ~ emailed to you

  • Bonus: An email check in 1 week after the call

  • Bonus: E-mail access for clarification and support for 1 week after the call


This is your time to catalyze your Soul Awakening!


Gain Clarity, Purpose and Direction

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