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"We Are The Creators of the New Earth"    

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We are in a very powerful shift now and I am very grateful for being alive and conscious of who I AM in this experience.  Here is how I became to this aware state of being… As a child I knew I sensed the world differently from others. In my teens I started to explore Yoga, nutrition through a plant based diet, and meditation. 


In my twenties my intuitive gifts came alive. I began to see energy flowing in people’s bodies, causes of ailments and solutions. This began my adventure with Medical Intuitive work, Energy Signatures, Energy Healing, Shamanism, Herbalism and Alternative Healing. As I studied I realized that all of the information was within me so I embarked on a journey of practicing what came through me, and study in Mystery Schools to further understand the causal nature of our reality. As life goes this practice became a hobby as I started a business and journey with a partner.  My partner and I have a very strong soul connection and grew deeply and profoundly with each other through many challenges and beautiful times. Which led me to know myself more clearly. In 2013 I decided to dedicate myself fully and truly to my Soul path.  I left the lucrative business and partner.

During this time of change and dedication to a higher purpose Metatron came through and asked me to help in the formation of the New Earth. Since then with Metatron, Archangel Melchizadek, the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Inner Earth Beings, Councils of the Sun, Central Sun and Beyond and others assisting in the Awakening.  I have been shown the true functions and harmonics of our Reality. The experiences have been most profound. So much of who I thought I was had to be transformed to know who I truly am and fully step into my purpose in this time. I have and continue to go through humbling and empowering initiations to balance heart, mind and soul.

Traveling multi-dimensionally and working with the inner earth planes, the crystalline grid network of the earth, into the Sun, the planets, the Central Sun and beyond I have witnessed the vastness and beauty of our creation. I know that we are here to create something much different than what we currently experience on this planet.  We are here to know ourselves deeply, to have vitality and longevity, and balance in mind, body, heart and soul.


My mission is to inform and facilitate the actualization of the true harmonics of Earth and catalyze the depth transformation and inner knowing with those that are Awakening for conscious living, thriving vitality and expression of their true gifts and purpose for balance on Earth, within the Collective and Universe. My purpose is expanded with my son, exploring conscious new earth mothering and family creation with knowing the soul purpose of this amazing being that came through me into this world! 

With all my Power and Heart I AM living to share in the beauty of this Earth with you and expand ourselves to all that is possible within us!

Much Love and Peace, xo     

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