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YOUR Timeline Unification + Guided Activation

One of the pieces that came through the other day during the

stillness of the Earth and Sun was the massive Timeline Unification

taking place on Earth.

Now we are experiencing our individual Timeline Unification during the

Full Moon.

What is a Timeline Unification?

A Timeline Unification is all the fragments of yourself coming into

your most conscious life, it could be here on Earth right now, most likely

since you are reading this or in another body in another dimension.

We are also receiving fragments of our past lives.

If we are to become whole and move with the Earth and Universe with this

shift to a more unified field we need all of us here to do so.

Last week the Earth was shedding old timelines and unifying with all the

energy that it had separated from in the past.

With this shedding all the old programs and experiences that led into separation were

released so it now can come out of separation into Unity.

We can no longer hold onto ANYTHING if we are to Unify.

How could that be, isn't everything a part of Unity?

Yes and...

when we still are holding onto, operating from separation then unity is only

a concept.

To embody unity all perceptions of the past and future need to merge with the now.

In the now our pure creative force flows without bounds with access to everything.

This is why leading up to this we have been going through so many waves of

shadow work and transformation.

We will truly see ourselves during this shift, with a grace period to make

any necessary adjustments for more integrated alignment.

By letting go of any attachment or connection to the past the Earth is allowing

for a new program to emerge and flow through the neural network, the grid lines.

As this is happening the frequencies of locations are shifting.

For example if an area was really embedded with Lemurian or Atlantean energy

as the Earth releases the past and programs from the past those areas will shift in

energetic blueprint that no longer holds the memories of those eras.

The energy will shift everywhere regardless if it is connected with an old powerful

civilization or not.

The grid lines are shifting so will the frequency of the land.

In one session last week I saw a cap of energy that looked like a black hole in the center of one

of the Hawaiian islands.  and the woman who was there, who has frequented the island,

said the energy was much different than it usually feels.

The cap was the release of the old and waiting for the integration of new energies.

Also, in another session a woman in Florida said she was loving the energy there when in the past

the energy was not tolerable.

So were these momentary shifts in perception or is the energy really shifting?

Psst - it's REALLY shifting!

How about you?

What have you experienced in your own body, mind, soul and with the Earth recently?

I recorded a Timeline Unification Activation that guides you through the process of

  1. receiving, unifying and integrating with all the fragments of yourself that are ready to

  2. merge with you.

  3. Allow yourself to really take ample time and space to receive this!

  4. And let me know how it was for you!!

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