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Transformation! Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Here we go for another round of depth transformation!

Liberating more of ourselves so we can access the inner wisdom to

live who we are more freely.

The questions that are arising through this time are:

  • What structures inner and outer are working for you, and what are not?

  • What have you created in your life that may be coming up that you wish you had done differently?

  • How balanced are you in feminine and masculine energies? Whatcould you do differently to create more harmony within and in relationships with the opposite gender?

  • What desires and ego driven ideas are still motivating you?  Are they ​​​​​​​really true for you and creating what you truly want?

These are all the in the field this week/weekend.

Last weekend I was feeling squeezed getting an inner clean out, followed

by a short reprieve middle week, now the pressure is on again.

No joke.

We are going to be purified so lets go with the flow.

If we fight against the new wanting to take shape within us we will

only create more tension and struggle inside and in the collective.

The image that I have is going through a car wash.  Your body, mind and energy

field is getting washed as you your consciousness is watching and feeling it all.  

Being conscious we can go through the cycles and come out the other side

squeaky clean!!

All the brushes and spraying and all that might not feel too good though it's

necessary to create the purity that exists in each one of us.

​​​​​​​While we are in this cosmic car wash be present.  Watch what is coming up and

decide what you are going to do with it - continue to hold on or create

resolution and freedom into a new way of being.

The intensity of how we are feeling emotions/thoughts/patterns etc.

is equal to the amount of energy that is stored in our bodies

and energy bodies from this experience.

When we have that much energy stored it is creating a stagnancy

or block from a full flow of your true pure energy to flow through.

That is why these things come up during times like these.   

​​​​​​​Energy wants to flow though and whatever it is coming up against

is coming to the surface to be witnessed, known and loved, forgiven,

​​​​​​​resolved, acknowledged, accepted and neutralized into pure energy


​​​​​​​Give yourself space and time this weekend to do what serves you best

​​​​​​​in what is coming through, as well as have fun!  Remember that joy

is the best medicine once you can shift into that lens of experience.

For example I had a challenging afternoon yesterday.  In the squeeze

​​​​​​​old emotions were coming to the surface. I let myself be in them

to witness and know them so I could get into the core of it.

I cried, I got angry, I watched and felt and remembered what was

coming through so I could really let it flow without letting it get backed

up again.

I meditated with it, asked for healing, guidance, wisdom.

This morning I could still feel the intensity.  And I looked out at the trees

and breathed into my heart, recognizing life itself.  That no matter what 

all that has taken place is a part of life and I am in it, alive and in being

alive what do I chose to feel what I do want most.  

I felt the pure energy of light life flow through me and cleanse the feelings. 

I was grateful to have had that purge and experience so I could be more clear for

life, for you, for my family, for the collective and for the universe.  

We are in this together.  On some level all that we feel, we all feel.

I support you, let the light shine in, the energy flow and your body, mind,

heart and soul come into harmony!  ​​​​​​​

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