Transformation! Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Here we go for another round of depth transformation!

Liberating more of ourselves so we can access the inner wisdom to

live who we are more freely.

The questions that are arising through this time are:

  • What structures inner and outer are working for you, and what are not?

  • What have you created in your life that may be coming up that you wish you had done differently?

  • How balanced are you in feminine and masculine energies? Whatcould you do differently to create more harmony within and in relationships with the opposite gender?

  • What desires and ego driven ideas are still motivating you?  Are they ​​​​​​​really true for you and creating what you truly want?

These are all the in the field this week/weekend.

Last weekend I was feeling squeezed getting an inner clean out, followed

by a short reprieve middle week, now the pressure is on again.

No joke.

We are going to be purified so lets go with the flow.

If we fight against the new wanting to take shape within us we will