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Solar eclipse Meditation

We connected in Pure Source Centered Space!

December 14. 2020

Solar Eclipse Meditation - Centered Purity

May you enter into the next phase of our Soul Embodiment

with a Pure Body, Pure Heart, Pure Mind and Pure Self.

Please let me know how your day and the meditation was

for you :-)

Thank you for being here.

More info below!


We are moving through the passage of Purification and

knowing ourselves in our true creative capacity.

The Solar Eclipse is marking the transition into the deepening

phase of purifying our minds, bodies, hearts and souls.

Through this year parts of ourselves have been coming to the

surface for acknowledgment, acceptance, resolve and transformation.

Now we are getting into the core, the depths, the origin source

energetics of our beings to clear our perception of who we are

and what we are doing here.

When this happens it can be scary and exciting.

Who we are becoming is stepping into the unknown, with trust and

faith in ourselves in the Universe.

Neutral Centered Pure space allows the stream of consciousness

to flow through.

I entered this space earlier today and watched this massive spiral of energy

going through the Central Sun from Source.

The Spiral enveloped everything, strong, neutral and holding

the space for balance. The center where balance exists, the eye of the storm

where all is happening around and the center is calm, still.

We have that, our center.

I was shown that as we go into our core and let all that is and was, come

into one energy without description or compartmentalization sometimes

there can be a feeling of lack, since there is nothing to hold onto and then

fear comes.

The fear of needing something.

Also there is excitement, bliss and the unifying of everything with love and joy.

From the place of the unknown, fear and/or bliss there can be challenges in

relating to our external world.

The Spiral and centered space allows for us to be in both with reflective

neutral being, vision and flexibility.

I saw the Central Sun shift into the 33,000th dimension from the 25,000th.

And then up the spiral saw the 44,000, 55,000 and so on.

I asked why I am seeing this and the symbology I received is, as always, everything

exists within everything, what are you open to receive and be in communication with.

And the power of the same, or double digits.

It's the mirror, the reflective quality that is the significance.

The pure center is the space in between the reflection.

In the space in between we can perceive all sides.

The awareness is what will you choose to perceive and align with for your

thoughts, feelings and actions.

In the meditation we will

  • Join with our Pure Center,

  • Purify what comes to our awareness in the moment,

  • Connect with Pure Heart, Pure Mind, Pure Body, Pure Self,

  • Deepen our Soul consciousness, and

  • Unify with the pure crystalline grid of the collective to and the Spiral of Source Creative Life Power.

Be well!

Here's the link again

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