I Consent to and Create.... Centered Presence

We are in an incredible wave of opportunity to consciously create a new

life and new experience, and become the New Earth.

I am noticing a lot of people sharing their I do not consent lists as a way to 

shift the programing that has been on this planet and directing our consciousness

for some time.

As I am upgrading in my consciousness the power of words is becoming ever so 

important in the frequency, impact and influence that is created by them.

In the past I was down with using I do not consent to such and such for it 

does carry power to create space between you and what you don't want in your


Though as we are coming together in the unified field where space is thinning between

us as well as expanding in possibility I am forming a new way of creating a condition 

on that which I want to live and thrive from.

Now I use "I consent to and create...."

In this statement you are clear about what frequency of life you

want to vibrate and manifest into reality.