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I Consent to and Create.... Centered Presence

We are in an incredible wave of opportunity to consciously create a new

life and new experience, and become the New Earth.

I am noticing a lot of people sharing their I do not consent lists as a way to 

shift the programing that has been on this planet and directing our consciousness

for some time.

As I am upgrading in my consciousness the power of words is becoming ever so 

important in the frequency, impact and influence that is created by them.

In the past I was down with using I do not consent to such and such for it 

does carry power to create space between you and what you don't want in your


Though as we are coming together in the unified field where space is thinning between

us as well as expanding in possibility I am forming a new way of creating a condition 

on that which I want to live and thrive from.

Now I use "I consent to and create...."

In this statement you are clear about what frequency of life you

want to vibrate and manifest into reality.

When you only state I do not, you are specific about what you don't want though it

leaves the door open to everything and anything else since you didn't state what you Do want.

Do you feel this?

And you create more defenses and separation rather than embracing your power and truth which is your only true protection.  

I looked up the etymology of consent.

Often these days I am fascinated by the root words that create our

language, you can find out a lot from this, many times we have lost

the original meaning and usually the true meaning is way more real, like

this one:

" Recorded in Middle English since circa 1225, borrowed from Old French consentir ,

from Latin cōnsentīre , present active infinitive of cōnsentiō ( “ to feel together ” ) ,

itself from com- ( “ with ” ) + sentiō ( “ to feel ” )


We use consent as giving permission or allowing and hopefully you are feeling together

with something in your mind and heart to give permission and allow. Though I find these

days we have to consent to a whole slew of things we don't want to get what we do want

from the systems in place.

And we have the power to create only what we do want while

being in unity with all that is!

Remember by what we consent to, only thinking, feeling, acting from  what we

really feel together with is changing our reality and the world as a whole!

When you say I do not consent you are in separation.  

Even when we are adverse to something the most powerful

thing we can do is come together with it and heal it from the inside!

Believe me I have been in situations where I definitely did not want to consent or 

feel together with what was happening, and I went inside to find what I did want to feel

together with and rather than resisting or going into flight or fight, I used the conscious

force of what I wanted to create the true power of how to respond and change the situation!!

Of course there are some situations that need us to physically protect ourselves

and yes by all means do so while having the conscious awareness of all that

is taking place so you don't embed any trauma.  I have been in such situations

and find that if we can truly stay centered when shit is going down your power and 

force are much greater than you can ever imagine.  

Yes this has taken practice and concerted effort though it is something we all

have the ability to cultivate and strive for, become and do in any situation -

centered presence.

In centered presence I Consent to and Create:

I Consent to all that is in harmony with life that continues to generate life, light and 

creator source connection.

I create the field of awareness that is strong and impenetrable to anything other than

balance, full soul embodiment, expression and collective unity that is elevating in 

consciousness for the benefit of all.

I consent to what is free, centered in truth of the natural real harmonics of this planet, this galaxy this universe and all that live in the physical and non physical realms.

I create a mind, heart, body connection with soul guidance from within my divinity

shaping all that I am and do from pure source energy.

I consent to all that is abundant in value of living with all that is needed in every

moment to live my fullest potential and uplift, connect and collaborate with others

so everyone and everything has all they need to live and become all that they are.

I create a space to hold, be and flow infinite source energy through me to shift all and everything that is out of balance into balance and love.  

I am free. I AM.

I could go on though it's your turn!

Try it on, create your own I Consent To and Create field of consciousness!!

Watch what comes through!

And share it if you wish by replying to this email and I will be sharing this in the

Facebook group and you can post in that thread there too!

Share it with your friends, family and write one together!  

Unify in this powerful way of creating!

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