Holographic Coding, Schumann Resonance and Nature Connection

I write to you from under the stars.

Taking the office outside for a different perspective and enhanced experience!

The past few days we have been seeing constant increases in the Schumann Resonance,

which measures the magnetic field of the earth.

I have been watching the crystalline grid of the planet shift dramatically going from

the energy spiraling up through the center of the earth with all of the power centers

all over the planet in a direct line of energy looping to the center of the earth to

each power center, the center of the earth and the earth as a whole taking on its own toroïdal spin.  Both the inward and outward toroidal spin.

So there are multiple toroidal fields spinning all over the planet generating

energy within the crystalline grid increasing the amount of flow through the earth, 

our bodies and out into space.

The sun's field is also increasing in energy generation, with the core of the sun, of which

I have been working in the inner sanctums with the Sun Beings for several years where

the codes are created, received from the Central sun, and delivered out of to the earth and

galaxy, expanding in its receptive capacity.