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Holographic Coding, Schumann Resonance and Nature Connection

I write to you from under the stars.

Taking the office outside for a different perspective and enhanced experience!

The past few days we have been seeing constant increases in the Schumann Resonance,

which measures the magnetic field of the earth.

I have been watching the crystalline grid of the planet shift dramatically going from

the energy spiraling up through the center of the earth with all of the power centers

all over the planet in a direct line of energy looping to the center of the earth to

each power center, the center of the earth and the earth as a whole taking on its own toroïdal spin.  Both the inward and outward toroidal spin.

So there are multiple toroidal fields spinning all over the planet generating

energy within the crystalline grid increasing the amount of flow through the earth, 

our bodies and out into space.

The sun's field is also increasing in energy generation, with the core of the sun, of which

I have been working in the inner sanctums with the Sun Beings for several years where

the codes are created, received from the Central sun, and delivered out of to the earth and

galaxy, expanding in its receptive capacity.

The Central Sun is now spinning as a whole field with brilliant lights, looking like a creation

of a whole new star system.

Earth and Sun are now in harmony with the Central Sun on a Holographic level

again so there is no separation of  how the codes are flowing, it is all in real time now, there is no lag time of coming from the Central sun to the Sun to us.

Are you feeling this?!!

This is part of what is causing the magnetic field of the earth to elevate in

frequency, hence the Schumann Resonance spikes.

As this is taking place I am noticing myself and hearing others talk of more connection

to the Elementals, dragons, nature spirits and nature itself.

I had my first dragon encounter in which the dragon entered my heart and I had

a major acceleration in heart coherence with myself and felt like a piece of me

was returning.

Also, I am communicating again with the trees, plants and animals like I used to when

I was younger.

We are coming into another level of conscious unification with nature where

we merge with all life as one breathing being.  Source energy in one breath.

The unified holographic field.

And our holographic fields are tuning each other to come into our natural

rhythm of flowing our own energy, power and focus.

The holographic structure is shifting immensely, as we recognize more and more

that we are fundamentally energy that can be shaped by our awareness

and we connect into nature, the earth, life itself and the biosphere we can integrate

with the new experience with more ease.

Spend as much time in nature as possible, and even if you are not consciously

directly communicating with the consciousnesses of the trees, animals, etc. you are 

energetically, and it is fine tuning you.

Nature has always been powerful medicine and now more than ever to move

more swiftly into our true self!!

All life on the planet and earth itself wants to support us.

Come into connection with nature to support yourself, the earth and

all of life!

Be the conscious creator of our New Earth!

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