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🌟 Energy Update - The Ultimate Transformation🌟

We are creating a brand new way of life!

We have never experienced this before as individuals and as a collective.


The massive amount of energy that we are shifting by choosing ourselves and love is immense and the ultimate transformation!


I’ve been feeling this incredibly exciting space of indescribable unknown energy slowly embodying through us, the elements, the consciousness of Earth and it is so new and strong.


First a couple of announcements


  • The Unity Consciousness Event - Source Embodiment airs with our first Live Guest on Monday the 22nd!! The Opening Ceremony will be on Sunday!  We have an amazing 2 weeks of mostly LIVE conversations that will be full of wisdom and love where you can receive guidance, support and community! Join us here!

  • I will be refreshing and sharing new offerings soon!  I will be offering in Soul Readings that I have not done in some time and will open  Family Readings/Healings, Online Cacao Ceremonies and 1:1 online Cacao Ceremony Sessions! Stay tuned!


For days I felt this immense luminous energy body moving into the collective.


At first the only words I could describe it with were - the unknown and death.


A death of all that is.


The ultimate transformation of what we have known this life to be, who we have thought we are.


I couldn't quite connect into anything, everything felt surreal.


I recognized it as the Void. Though it feels much more tangible than ever before.


The Void, the space where all that is has potential and nothing has greater meaning than anything else creating a distance between what the mind is projecting as reality and what is truly real.


I have had moments of being at a loss of what to do, as if I'm swimming in dream reality that's not grounded in what I'm seeing around me.


Even though there was plenty to do with getting ready for this upcoming event!


So I would do it in a flow that felt quite different.


Everything feels different.


We are engaging with elements of ourselves and the collective that we may have no reference for.  It may be just a feeling or it may be very palpable.


We are on the edge of the tipping point, the threshold as a friend said, of the next wave of embodiment.


I was conversing with another dear friend that I connect with for support and grid work, she was also feeling the in between space and loss of direct clarity of each moment.


As if there is more space to move in and allow the depth of the decision/movement to come so clear.


Like inertia. 


We don't need to move, be, do anything until the right calibration of frequency naturally moves us.


This is the space to be very reflective and radically honest with ourselves, our loved ones and everything.


There's no holding back to what our true feelings, thoughts, emotions and experiences are.


We can't take them into this new energetic.


We are receiving a blank slate moment, removing what is no longer need as we have been going through over the past 2 or so years.


I feel like this one is being drip fed through the crystalline grid, sometimes in higher frequency doses than others bringing us ever closer to the truth of our hearts and Souls.


So many of you are feeling fundamental shifts in your life.

The 'finally' moment of being, feeling what you've wanted and knew was your truth for so long and now you are embodied!


Peace, the self love, trust here and old patterns no longer active.

A new You, A new Us!


Yes!! I honor you and all of us on this journey!


As a man said in one of my groups said, "giving up the picture of what it is"

The picture as in, the one contrived in the mind based on conditions of the past.

Letting the picture go so that what is real can flow!

 And relieve the system to just Be and accept what is so the shifts and truth can embody.


Through this space in between we are bridging polarities to harmonize ourselves without limitation as a Body Soul, Heart Mind coherence.


We are stepping off the wheels and cycles into a new creation of liberation!


We have been purging, clearing, transmuting, embodying, remembering so much of our past and future to meet it in the middle, in the Now to gain strength, trust, safety, connection to ourselves to be home again....


Only once we feel this depth of freedom in the Self can we shed was has been and all our perceptions to be able to allow, step into, become the New.


With the trust and strength, open heart and mind we embrace the unknown for we recognize it as a creation of Self, of Source that has always been with us, guided us, and supported us.


Breathe into the knowing that this ultimate transformation is what you've been opening up to, devoting yourself to and becoming!


We will face more turbulence as we go through this field into the center of Source, the center of ourselves.


Release any fear, doubt, confusion of the unknown for that is where the magic is!!


If you feel you are in a pause, resting state or discombobulated allow the passing of this moment with reverence and gratitude as it opens into the next wave of knowing! 


Time is seemingly slowing down and speeding up as we bend the nature of reality!


Let go into the most immaculate knowing of you in ways you never imagined!!


We are in for a ride, maybe more than what we bargained for even after the past couple of years, though that is what has prepared us for this next shedding and embodiment!


We've got this!!


We are loved, supported and the ones here to be, do and create this new world!


Love you all!


We are going to have conversations to support this transition and current energetics of Source Embodiment in the Unity Consciousness Event.


Let's gather to create a collective field that will raise the frequency with love, community and clarity and more!


Join us here!

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