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🌟Energy Update -The Edge of Creation - Do you feel this? 🌟

We are on The Edge of Creation!

Do you feel the pulse of life that is oscillating within?

I am!!

The pulse that is contracting and expanding so quickly that you are in and out of different states of being that are opposing yet complimentary.

The Edge of Creation is our Center, and as everything is dissolving into new expressions right now we are being called to know ourselves as Creator.

Where we are on the Edge of what has been, what IS and the possibilities, potentials and flow of what will BE.

We will explore this potent edge...

We are the Ones, learning, growing and choosing to be the transition point of Creation.

We are embodying the awareness, consciousness, and truth of the Original Template of Creation.

We have chosen to be the here at this potent moment of seeing the false overlays of this reality and going through the challenges to unravel everything that is not in harmony with pure creation itself.

Over the years I have been guided to share this information of how we will be changing and how to move through it with awareness.

It's been beyond incredible!

We have been shown that the Earth, the minerals, the elements, the planets, our bodies, everything will be reforming and now we are in the most tangible experience of it ever!

Honestly, we are always on the Edge of Creation since we are creators with every breath, every movement, every thought, every emotion.

Now, we are getting to experience the quick pace of our power and consciousness as it remembers itself as One with this knowing, that we are projecting reality into being.

Our physical bodies and psyches are integrating and crystallizing hence the oscillation we are experiencing on all levels of our being as we move from one age, frequency to another.

During this Full Moon we are feeling the depth of what is surfacing through this illumination of Life.

In this illumination breathe into your Center.

Ask your body, where is my center right now that can hold and flow with this level of energy that I am experiencing?

It know and will guide you.

Your Center is your stability, the strength within that you have been cultivating over the years that is opening us to what is unraveling, dissolving freeing up our energy to listen, feel and Be what is True! In this we are called to witness ourselves and the world free from judgment, for everything that is happening has its place.

It will all play out, so let's play and be so we can free the bonds of power struggle that has been the template of our reality for far too long.

Now, let the mind and body rest within the rhythm of our Soul. No longer holding, resisting, or constricting around what has been. In full allowance and surrender into the heart of our light, our knowing, to embrace the subtle movements within. We are recalibrating in living consciousness with Earth as our physical bodies, DNA and connection to our Star families are uniting to support the Original Template of our Being here on Earth and beyond. Some are feeling the void, some an expanse of the light, others the uncomfortable physical, mental and emotional stuff coming forward. Dreams may be more vivid and lucid. In anything that you are experiencing, listen, feel and allow. For this is the information that will guide you into the pure knowing and next phase of your new being. Maybe reflect upon what you were doing, seeding, and experiencing during the New Moon that is showing up now. As we are illuminated, breathe, allow, witness, rest and watch... detach and choose your state of being... call upon the inner foundation of your wisdom to shine! You are the brilliance, You are the light! The light in the darkness, the darkness in the light. As One. It all has its purpose, its wisdom. Divine Perfection! So much love to you!!

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