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Energy Update - Resolve Separation! Are you feeling these Source Upgrades


This week has been a potent one!


Have you felt the increased frequencies pouring in?


I was up for a few nights receiving the upgrades, watching the harmonizing and clarifying of my life/lifetimes and the holographic field of our reality through the intergalactic star systems in Union with Earth.


We are experiencing a profound Cosmic Rebirth!


I will be inviting you into a transformative embodiment of our true core crystalline energy within our holographic projection and weaving of our Earth Selves with our InterStellar existences soon!  

Invite Email will come out soon!


There has been a beautiful weaving of alchemy in our collective by each one of us choosing to greet the challenging moments of what surfaces with our triggers, our purges and these increasing frequency waves.


One of the significant pieces that is driving many of them is knowing and acting from the release of judgment embodying the value of self!

Recognizing the truth of how our external views truly create our reality.


When we recognize how much our inner dialogue and words shape our existence we can stand more in our center our power and choose how we are going to think, be and act so we can receive from within and without what we truly need.


Often times we don't realize how much our views and choice of expression of our views creates conflict with who we really are and what we need which alters the frequency of our being sending static and tension into the field.


As we are increasing our willingness and surrender into the Eternal Internal Self we are able to collect our energy back from the diverging energies there's more clarity within and in the collective!


While we are trusting, surrendering and allowing our Inner Self to guide us we come into coherence with our Over Soul, our Source infinite unique Self that begins to converge in the consciousness.


This is creating a magnetism within us pulling our Soul that exists in other lifetimes, parallel existences, etc. to us right now.


As we are resonating at the higher frequencies of consciousness we merge more with our Soul, our Source Self.


We gain more information, awareness, details and ability with precise power to alchemize that which is no longer affective or needed for survival.


We are becoming, Being, Being ourSelf, in the free clear vital experience that we know we are, to thrive in clear knowing of Self.


The womb of creation is opening up within us even more.

This is our power center.

Our knowing, the direct energy that is our life force, that gives us what we need from within to create with.


I'm seeing lots of energy being freed up within the spinal column, the neck and in the psoas.


We store so much in our hip area, the space where the energy from below and above meet in our creative power center.


If we are stagnant, tight here then it doesn't flow as well up the spine through the neck and the vagus nerve is highly affected reducing balanced energy to flow through our nerve system.


Now if we open to the womb of creation within, choose to align with our power and move in accordance we can free up an incredible amount of energy that is our eternal life.


We support our bodies ability to be in harmony, peace, calm and clarity.


Earth, Gaia, this multidimensional consciousness of realms that we live with is our 'below', Source being our 'above'.  


These two physical/energetic constructs are neutralizing in the Center of Creation for us to open into Wholeness.


Invite your body as the beautiful reflection Image of Source of Earth, into Union.


Resolving Separation!


Choosing Pure Love!!


Once we know our true Value, our true currency as Source we become the radiating frequency of Creation that brings to us exactly what is aligned for our Soul embodiment on the energetic and physical planes.


When we stand in the axis of this Center we are no longer needing the external to accept, validate or be anything other than the direct reflection of our Being, it's not personal!!

It's REAL.


Trust YourSelf.

Feel the undying love and continued guidance that keeps nudging you, bringing you within and embodying for You to experience the brilliance of Life.


Each moment is an opportUnity!


All that you have experienced up to this moment and all that will follow is the Moment to be You.

In the perfection of the moment that you choose.


No matter which way you go, it will always lead home.


Welcome Home!


So as much as you can right now, lay down the struggles, the pain, the imbalance and breathe into your Divine Heart, and welcome yourself home!


The body IS the Divine Temple of the Living Soul.

And the Template of our Temple is coming Alive!


Ready to be in Conscious Union, Soul and Matter!


Loving the form, loving the self, Loving it All.


As one woman said in one of the groups I facilitate 

"Love IS the matter"


Rather than a problem being the matter or any other thought form or emotion!


Where do we focus? Love.


And as a man realized  in our group 

"All I have to do is bring it into Love."


It being whatever is troubling, himself.


To be Present in the luminous love that resolves Everything!


Unifies Everything!


Frees us to be US!


Recognize the deeper layers as they surface!


The deeper you go the freer you become!!


So be at ease as we enter an Integration phase into the Solstice!


As for me - I've been healing long held anger, separation and judgment of myself from lifetimes ago that I've been carrying keeping me from fully stepping into my wholeness.  I'm ready! So ready....


When we do these healings, know that sometimes there's an immediate kickback so we can go a little deeper before the new frequencies integrate and stabilize.


We may see this a step backwards, know that it is a step deeper... go into reflection and connection with what is presenting to support the process!!


You've got this!

We are doing this!


I will be traveling to my family for the holidays next week.

I've been busy wrapping up groups and sessions for December and preparing for another Unity Consciousness Event in January!


For Solstice I will be Uniting with Family and the land of my birth.


And I will be inviting you into The Cosmic Rebirth experience on December 28th!

Invite coming soon!


For now, Be Well, In-Joy and follow your Heart and Soul!


With Immense Love,


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