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Energy Update + invitation - What could be more powerful than Love?

Wowza, our energy is lit up right now!!

Have you been feeling more energy flowing through, upgrading our systems to bring us into a state of pure creativity!

Creativity, as in, all our consciousness uniting in our bodies, minds, hearts and Souls to align the most significant aspect of our lives!

What is the most significant aspect of our lives?!


We are real, true and authentic when we allow ourselves to live in our full expression, fluidly, without question, doubt, uncertainty, fear, etc.

If you have been with me over the last few years, this is what we have focused on coming into through all our gathering, discussion, meditations and activations!!

The power of flow, pure presence and love brings us into THE SOURCE stream of consciousness that we move, speak and act WITH, without hesitation!

It becomes the pure natural essence and wisdom that we witness in all levels of our lives.

In this space we 'know' what to do, when to do it, how to do it, because we are BEING it!

And what could possibly be more powerful than the frequency of Love?


We will explore this more in depth on Sunday in our gathering!!

Right now, feel this opening to be immersed in the grandeur of your brilliance!

Our zone of brilliance lies in the deep stillness, the well of ever flowing energy, that makes up every fiber of our being, every frequency of our existence.

This zero point of authentic expression is being highlighted in this moment for us to be in crystal clarity of who we are!!

I have continued to see the celebration of beings in Inner Earth and beyond, the sparkling diamond essence of the center of all the planets, the cells of our bodies as ONE consciousness that is remembering itself as it's Free true Self, that gets to be in authentic being once again!!

We are creating this together!

You choose this every time you choose YOU!!

Thank you!!

Gratitude is overflowing in waterfalls of joy and abundance!

Feel yourself embraced by this Now!!

I am such BLISS to be able to share this embodiment with you by gathering Sunday to further strengthen and anchor this resonant field in our systems, our hearts and all we are!!

Say yes to this moment, for You!!

Always for You!

When you can step into the YES for YOU, then you are the Universal Infinite Yes of Life itself...

Join us!!

If you can't make it Live a replay will be sent out.

We will gather for about 2 hours

Sunday, October 8th

9:30am PST/ 11:30am CST/ 12:30am EST/ 5:30pm BST

One tap mobile

+19294362866,,9433491121# US (New York)

+13017158592,,9433491121# US (Washington DC)

Find your local number:

With Great Love and Infinite Gratitude!

A reminder e-mail will go out on Sunday.

Be with you Soon!!

I have been asked to share gift links for our gathering on Sunday, I do appreciate you!

Here they are -

I deeply appreciate gifts for our gathering!

For All Credit Cards (lower fees for both of us) This form for secure USA and International gifting

PayPal here: Click Someone You Trust Friends/Family/Gift!


5126 (last four of phone number if asked)

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