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🌟Energy Update - Complete Dissolution of Ego - Are you Willing? 🌟

We are in a potent portal right now!

As we are embodying and crystallizing creator being, remembering our Original Template of Creation there is a powerful Vortex through the Earth and beyond to dissolve our Ego and all Identities.

True Liberation!

We have been intensely putting a lot of intention and attention into what parts of ourselves have been out of balance with our pure Self over the last few years (of course much longer that).

I sat in meditation for some time last night watching the collective energy in deep surrender on many levels, individuals and Earth Consciousness, releasing patterns of

  • control

  • judgment

  • power struggle

  • doubt

  • confusion

  • competition

  • low self esteem

  • addiction

  • anger

  • etc.

These programs are being dissolved in the purest of love, allowing the mind, body, and energy field to receive clear light.

The clear light of Source.

This is a prime opportunity to tune into the qualities of being that you have been embodying and coming into the awareness of what is true to your heart and Soul.

What are you experiencing?

And how much are you willing to relax around, release the hold of, and settle into the pure heart of your being?

If you are feeling the pressure, the squeeze - Breathe, acknowledge and keep breathing!

Let the emotions and thoughts flow to relieve any holding of what has been to allow the clarity of what wants to be to fill that space.

If you need to imagine a golden light surrounding you, to surrender all that is coming up to flow into. let it dissolve into the pure energy and welcome that pure light into your heart.

Ask for the light to bring the love, comfort, nurturing that you need. Breathe into it, letting the body relax and be held.

I am intending this to be alive in the Quantum Love Sanctuary for all of you!

So much love to you!!

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