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Dragon Crystalline Grid - The Softening

The vibrations of change through this full moon, the crystalline grid shifts and the setting free of our ancient wisdom unifying soul, body, heart and mind are recalibrating so much on every level!


Feel the freedom and the strength that will guide your choices!


Earth Gaia is speaking in the winds, the shaking up of what has been to unsettle the streams of consciousness tat have been anchored in imbalance swaying us into the truth of living consciousness!


A softening is taking place that is the subtle foundation to carry us through this immense shift.


This is a momentous shift that took place through the continued opening of the dragon ley lines and freeing of ancient wisdom through Earth's living consciosness.


As I mentioned in my travels I was guided to the Catskill Mountains in New York State to support the freeing of this energy through the land and energetic grid there.


I'm excited to share here with you what took place!


The Catskills are gorgeous! Creeks, forest and majestic rocks!


My dear friend drove us to the perfect spot in the rock and trees where I laid out a simple crystal grid with rose petals and cacao.


I stepped away to set my pouches on the ground and upon returning to the crystal altar I was overcome with heart opening tears.


A deep honor and humbleness swept through me as I started to speak great gratitude for the land, the elements, our elders and ancestors and all that came before, that is here and will be.


It was very still and quiet in the forest.


As the energy began to grow we connected with the consciousness of Earth with the dragons and the crystalline grid, birds began singing and rustling sounds were around us in the trees and in the leaves of the forest floor.


I heard the word, Softening.


A feathered white dragon emerged from Earth in it's majesty so soft and fluid.


This dragons wisdom and frequency is the softening of the mind, the heart and body to bring the Soul Source truth into wholeness within.


The softness of the mind is the quiet, still, clear mind.


The softness of the heart is the open, loving, courageous heart.


The softness of the body is a calm, relaxed, fluid, embodied with Soul, Source.


The softness is the ability to let go In to the Self.

The full surrender of identity and ego landing in the loving soft embrace of Source where we can fully engage with Life without resistance, hesitation, doubt or fear.


Where we know all is well and all becomes clear and very, very strong.


In the softness is the strength, in the strength the softness.


For when we choose ourselves we become stronger in our resolve and this relaxes the whole being for we finally can rest in our true energetic expanse.


The vastness that is available to us right now is creating the transmutation of the imbalances so we can stand upon the truth of this mulidimensional reality where we can feel the pulsing energy of our life force, of Source.


As we continue to see the extremes of this transition take place we are offered the choice points of where we will focus our mind, heart and body.


The most beautiful gift we can give ourselves and all of creation is to go inward and let this guide us in to the miraculous knowing of who we are!


In the moment this majestic white dragon emerged from the land it started to gently snow.


The power was raw and very strong, yet the softest, gentlest power.


Our galactic friends, Andromedans Pleaidians, Arcturians, Lyrans, etc. showed themselves weaving in with the all the dragon ley lines of Earth and beyond to support the integration of this pure frequency.


In the grid I set up were some quartz crystals I received from the land in Arkansas.


Where we were in the mountains overlooked the reservoir of New York City and I was guided to take one of the crystals to put into the reservoir.


So that is what we did.


We drove to the reservoir and offered the codes of this softening into the waters and invited all that received these waters on any level to be come alive with their inner guidance, knowing and connection to their Source Self, healing all that afflicts them.


And the dragon stayed with me for further gridding, and remains now for continued expansion of this embodiment.


As I drove from the Catskills to West Virginia to visit with another dear friend and then home to Arkansas from there I held the central column of light through my body, with the dragon in the center of the Earth with all the ley lines lit up in Union with Source.


Together we bathed the lands in this frequency.


The lands we drove through have seen much war.


Along with the Native Americans present within the land we healed and released many Souls lost from the wars and other experiences, elemental damage and imbalances held from the battles, conflicts held in the collective between Native Americans and the colonists, and in Gettysburg we dissolved a massive war implant.


There have been so many implants on this planet to hold certain programs and war is one of the strongest.


The war that happens within ourselves and between/among us.


The disharmony caused by war, struggle, conflict, division affects every living consciousness so deeply.


We are in another pass right now to relieve ourselves of our inner wars to strengthen the elemental and human frequencies to support the division that is happening on so many levels in the collective.


We are shifting the scales, they will oscillate from side to side for some time, though knowing your own center and managing your own harmony is the greatest practice of life.


You may be finding yourself in greater acceptance of Self, feeling the deep shifts of embodiment and expression of your truth, slowing down and listening to your inner intuition/guidance, and syncronicity increase.


The accleeration is calling us to slow down so we can integrate the frequencies with more awareness.


The consciousness we have is picking up more subtleties in the field so one of the best things we can do is not to shy away from that which is surfacing or showing itself on deeper levels.


Continue to meet yourself with whatever is coming alive so it can be held in the light of consciousness, of Source and transmuted or embodied as needed.


There is more to share as this frequency continues to expand and grow.


More insights and experiences have been coming through with this and that will be in another message.


I will invite you into a gathering with this, most likely after the completion of the Unity Consciousness Event as I am full with this and life at the moment.


I feel stronger, clearer, and different.  A solidness within the fluidness. 

The knowing is.

And it's rich, fertile, direct as well as 


Oh and as you may be experiencing time is really bending right now!

The elements are increasing in frequency and all is lit up!


Feel the freedom, feel the love!


You are So loved and supported!


Be with you soon!


If you haven't joined in to listen to the upcoming Unity Consciousness Event, you can do so here.


I'm excited to have many Live conversations that you can join in with questions, comments and for community!


Love you!

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