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Diversity and Unity Consciousness

In this time of great uprising to what is unjust we are looking for balance

in a situation where people are deliberately targeted for reasons that are

absolutely unnecessary and out of integrity with what is true...

What is true is that ALL LIFE IS VALUABLE

If we truly are created from one source then how can anything

even if different in color, cultural traditions, social

structures etc. be anything but part of the whole.

I had a powerful conversation with one of the speakers in 

my upcoming Unity Consciousness Event where we speak

about diversity and Unity Consciousness.

Imagine a life without diversity.  

A life where everything was the same.

I call that boring!

I have always thrived on diversity.

Diversity of experiences, people, places, foods, you name it!

I ran track for a few years being the only 'white' girl on the team.  

I walked home from school through all African American and Latino

neighborhoods, talking with folks as I passed.

I thought nothing of it. I enjoyed the experiences, I saw differences though

in my heart I knew they were only skin deep.

We may have had different preferences, ways of being and backgrounds.

This is what I found fascinating and wanted to learn, discover and know something

other than what was familiar.

In Unity Consciousness, if we are all sparks from the same source

then everything and everyone is creator and diversity is the beauty

of life that we get to explore.

When we turn against anything or anyone we turn against a part of ourselves.

Everything exists in everyone one of us. Every expression, every possibility.

Are you willing to embrace all of your sisters and brothers, no matter what?

I AM and I am here to assist in the harmony of our connection.

Transforming the programs, ideas, stories and experiences that

have caused generations of hurt, pain, and struggle.

We can do this by knowing and transforming ourselves our thoughts, our emotions,

our actions to shift our DNA from all the old programs so our future

generations carry a new story, a new code to create their lives from!

We can create a world that is free from racism and all the -isms

that only do one thing - cause separation. 

Separation on many levels, in our minds, hearts, and between us.

I grew up spending a lot of time with my Grandfather who had been a beat cop

in the mid 1900s in Buffalo, NY where I would visit him as much as I could.

I lived an hour and a half away.

He was racist.  Saying all the rude names of all races other than 'white.'

This really upset me and one day as a late teen I asked him why he needed to refer to

people like that.

He had only excuses and reasons from what he saw as a cop.

This felt false to me and I asked him if he really thought

that some acts by a few people of one race could really drive you to 

hate and hold negative views of the whole of a people.

He didn't know how to respond.

And I told him that I loved him and I would not tolerate conversing with him anymore

if he was going to speak like that in my presence.

This led to a deeper conversation about life and everyone being a part of 

this experience.

From that day forward he stopped using racist references when speaking.  Which

surprised me because he had been using that language for the better part of his life

and he was a strong willed stubborn man!

Sometime later I thanked him for it and I found that he had taken time to think about it

within himself and something changed for him he said.

Another experience I remember is in high school in my senior year there was a lot

of hate going on for anyone that seemed different from the norm, which included woman

targeted as 'hippies', whites that were considered 'thugs' or trouble makers, African Americans,

the increasing Puerto Rican population.

So an assembly with a panel of speakers with representatives from each of these categories

was created to bring awareness around who they really were, their stories, their experiences

their views to create tolerance for our differences.

The whole school of over a 1000 students attended.

It was powerful to hear them speak and for people to ask them questions.

My friend and I were chosen to give the closing speech, she went first and I closed

the assembly.

I spoke about not just tolerance.  I spoke about acceptance and that we are

all connected and the only way we can create change is to recognize each other

as ourselves.  To celebrate our differences and come together to learn from one

another and support each other.

As I write this I wonder why an African American or a Puerto Rican or someone half white

and half black didn't do the closing speech, two white women 'hippie' counter culture 'pot head

druggies' (as we were deemed) did.

Interesting that I find myself wondering even though I was discriminated against that I 

was not worthy of being the closing speaker since I was a white woman. And that 

somehow someone non white would be more significant.

These engrained ideas of gender and race go deep!

Though no matter what we are discriminated against for it always boils down to the same

things, intolerance, non acceptance to what we think is different from what we know and

are willing to open up to.

And we are changing this.

I tell you these stories to inspire you.

To show that you can create change by simple conversations or standing up to speak

what is true in your heart.

Notice anywhere within yourself that you find challenge in accepting others for

any reason of race and see how you relate to yourself around your own race 

and/or gender.  Open yourself to new possibilities and perspectives.  Allow 

this opening to create space within to accept more of what is a different 

expression of the whole recognizing the wholeness of all that exists on this planet

and in the universe! 

This is a powerful movement that we all have the opportunity to go inside and do

the inner work to transform hate, intolerance, and unconscious discrimination (to

divide and separate also distinguish and discern, how will you use it?) programs as well

as get involved in any way that we are called to support others in doing the same! And to

bring more awareness and healing to our communities, friends, and families.

Much love to you all and I would love to hear your feedback, experiences, 

and thoughts and emotions you are having during this time.

If you would like to share reply to this message.

In Harmony,


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