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Cosmic Harmonic Alignment

Join me live for a Cosmic Harmonic Alignment on Sunday, September 13th,

1pm PST, 3pm CT, 4pm EST, 9pm BST.

Story and details below!

As well as more announcements!

Are you Feeling the heart centered, creative power moving through?  A nice reprieve from all the  ups and downs.  Our ability to dance with the ups and downs is key in who will be daily and through this shift.


The past few days we have been receiving the powerful Pure Heart Codes.

This has brought up a tremendous amount of grief, though the individual and 

the collective, all of us holding the collective field of grief, and the Earth.

Also, noticing fatigue and other challenging elements coming through that happens

when we are tapped into pure space our body is integrating.

I experienced waves of grief and I noticed in my sessions with people

and watching social posts that this was a deep powerful cleansing for the planet.

Through these changes we are learning to dance.

The dance of life.

In alchemy the dance is being able to move with strength and discernment through each 

thought, emotion and experience in a suspended space of observance.

In this space of observance we are in a flow that allows for more awareness

and balance.  

The first step is to be conscious of our center, a focal point to move from.

The center is where all exists, as it is without judgment.

We can change our focal point the more we are capable of dancing.

When we dance we can not be in our center while being centered if that makes sense!!  That is our physical center, the center channel of our body where we begin to practice the experience of being centered.

The dance allows for greater depth of experience, awareness and awakening!

To give you an example.

The other night as I was feeling this deep grief moving through. I was in the focal point

of certain experiences, in my energy field not in my physical center.  Yet I was very deeply centered in a space of awareness within the grief.  

The depth I was moving through was very conscious, not caught up in it.

I allowed myself to be go deep into the center of the grief and all that has been created from it within my life.

I was dancing with all the thoughts, feelings, memories, stories and watching it

carefully to be in the full reception and transformation.

This led to a deeper healing that we will be doing together during the Cosmic Harmonic Alignment on Sunday.

As I was releasing this grief ArchAngel Michael came and knelt before me to offer support.

Then came in the Arcturians, Sirians, Lyrans, Pleiadians, the Inner Earth Beings, the Sound Beings and so many angelic beings supporting this cleansing of grief and bringing in the Pure Heart Codes.

The releases from my body/energy body went quickly, then we went through all the people,  the earth, into the Sun, the Central Sun, the Omniverse into Source.

Wow, the levels of dimensions and ripples of angels embodying the Pure Heart to resonate the true harmonics of our inherent being was, well no words can describe it!

And we want to share it with you!

We are going to go move through many layers starting with us as individuals and go out just as they did with me!

To come into the dance, the embodiment of the Pure Heart harmonics of our true nature.

We will go live with you on

Sunday, September 13th 

1pm PST, 3pm CT, 4pm EST, 9pm BST

Zoom Meeting

or on my Facebook Page

I will send out a reminder and a replay if you can't join live!

I really look forward to sharing this with you.

We are learning, growing and expanding together!

So much love and support to you!


  • I opened the Awakened Soul Mastermind!! You can go here to become a part of this powerfully supportive group setting to be supported in becoming the beautiful soul expression that you are!

  • Over the past week I have been contacted by people who still want to acquire all the event videos! wow!  So if you want lifetime access to The Unity Consciousness videos by themselves or with additional meditation/activation videos and a one hour session with me here's the link

  • To listen to 30 speakers, including me, bring through wisdom in Waxela Sananda's Alchemy of Ascension Free online series, click here.

  • REMINDER: Mastery Monday is now on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. See you on September 21st!

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