Cosmic Harmonic Alignment

Join me live for a Cosmic Harmonic Alignment on Sunday, September 13th,

1pm PST, 3pm CT, 4pm EST, 9pm BST.

Story and details below!

As well as more announcements!

Are you Feeling the heart centered, creative power moving through?  A nice reprieve from all the  ups and downs.  Our ability to dance with the ups and downs is key in who will be daily and through this shift.


The past few days we have been receiving the powerful Pure Heart Codes.

This has brought up a tremendous amount of grief, though the individual and 

the collective, all of us holding the collective field of grief, and the Earth.

Also, noticing fatigue and other challenging elements coming through that happens

when we are tapped into pure space our body is integrating.

I experienced waves of grief and I noticed in my sessions with people

and watching social posts that this was a deep powerful cleansing for the planet.

Through these changes we are learning to dance.