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Blessed New year, Era!

A powerful year we have had!

In all that has taken place over the past months all I can

do is give Gratitude for the opportunity to see what life really is

and to know who we truly are.

And I am truly Grateful for you! The circle of light that has emerged

in our connection is profound for each one of us in it. Thank you for being

here with me!

We are in a profound and exciting transition into more Soul based living

so keep up the inner work and faith through the chaos and beauty of emerging

as your Unique Soul Self and Collective Soul Unity!!

As we enter the New Year of 2021, the Aquarian Era the theme

that is emerging from the field is Inner Foundation.

With all that has been shook up over the past months we are

in a prime space to create our core Inner Foundation from where

our energy can move from that is rooted in Soul, truth, value,

quality, purpose and balance.

For me the New Year as we track it with the calendar has lost significance.

In wanting to establish our connection with the real cycles outside of this false

time matrix I will honor the systems still in place that we utilize as we transition.

In the real cycles the focus becomes fluidity of experience, Sacred Presence.

Where we are not measuring our quality of life by time and what is created

in certain time spans, rather we celebrate each moment of life and in full

presence of each moment our creative energy is engaged in depth, quality

and purpose that envelops our spacial reality and all that arises is

perceived within our own individuated self cycles within the larger collective


Recognizing our current space, how it creates the next moment and so

on that we are not living in the past or future, we are merged in all.

Our Inner Foundation creates this space.

If you are working with goals, commitments and shifting energy and focus

from 2020 into 2021 do so with the true joy of heart and Soul!

And in it notice where the true motivation, inspiration comes from for each

new goal, commitment so that you are moving from the depth qualities and

values for them to rest upon.

In Sacred Presence we connect to intentions, goals and commitments from the

Soul that leads to profound emergence of opportunity, resources, connections

and fluid adaptation to what the moment brings.

In Sacred Presence our Inner Foundation holds the space for our pure

energy to flow through to guide us into aligned action and thought.

For our first Mastery Monday of January 2021 I will lead a meditation

to create Inner Foundation, merging with gratitude the past and future

to create Intentions, Goals, Commitments and Soul activated energy for

moving into your creations with power, strength, courage and love.

Be with you on January 4th, I will send notice out on Sunday for our

Mastery Monday gathering.

Blessings for your life, your journey and all the new creations you are will bring forth this New Year and Era!

May you all have Vitality, Optimal Health, Prosperity,

Abundance, Joy, Love and Soul Embodiment!

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