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💫 ACTIVATION IN ACTION - Your Star Within is Calling

Another month of dynamic changes merged right into even deeper pivotal shifts and embodiments.

We are feeling the extreme polarity of life being squeezed from within to allow the star that we are to emerge with great vision, clarity and strength.

The star within is our individual unity as the collective Source intelligence and love.

We will explore this more after a couple of invitations

  • Join us this Monday for Mastery Monday! Our monthly gathering to integrate, discuss and relax into the changes we are experiencing in love and unity. Mor details are below and another invite will go out this weekend!

  • Liberate Your Soul starts this Monday with our Opening Ceremony! These pivotal times are calling us home to the deepest presence and awareness of ourselves. Be supported through this next months life changing energies and embodiments. Join us here .

The harmonized light of all that you have been through all your incarnations, timelines and consciousness is unifying in the body at this time.

We are being squeezed through the birth canal of a new creation!

There's great purging and upgrades taking place that may look like sickness or things falling apart or great inspiration and feeling great!

With the oscillation of feeling great and the next day not....

Being on this ride is quite up and down and in and out and we are called to have a different perspective of ourselves and reality to step more into Creatorship!

We may feel really connected to our greater Self while the physical world gets more wonky.


Stay with the your higher inner Self and let the world rearrange itself accordingly.

This is how a new world is created!!

What lens have you been looking through?

How much are you willing to shift perspective?

Shifting perspective is the inward reflection of seeing, feeling and being our brilliance underneath all that we have accumulated

Our brilliance won't wait anymore! We are being called out and it's happening whether we want it to or not!

Especially those of us who have been on this journey and have carried the codes of creation for eons, we have been taken extreme measures to ensure that we experienced the depths of every spectrum of life, from the most centered and balanced presence to the deepest of suffering and to the highest ecstasies of bliss to now find ourselves in it all.

To know and find ourselves so we aren't hiding in any of the traumas, fears, bypassing bliss and playing out the conditions of the past or future to come into the this moment and stand in the foundation of the bright star we are!

We've entered the most significant choice point we have had over the last few years.

And we are being shown in every way possible what the choice is.

Who we are, who we are here to BE!

Are you listening?

Are you choosing YOU?

We are shifting the ideas of being in service or in any obligation through our Soul as a purpose or support for the collective to being in full presence of ourselves that radiates out the perfection of unity and harmony from within first!

When we stand in the pillar of the Center of our Being we create a radiant vortex of energy that supports the flow of our frequency and self expression to be whole and connected to ourselves that then allows whoever we need to be in any situation to emerge with great awareness.

From this place we get to be the magnificence of who we are without doubt, force, judgment, misconception, confusion!

Your star within is calling, and it won't be ignored, your heart wants to open with the most crystalline love for YOU!

This journey has always been about learning to our true selves and we got caught up in who we had to be in the world.

We are remembering that it's not about who in the world we are, it's who inside we are and being that no matter what!

I'm still on this journey too!

I've recognized where I've been hiding, playing small or holding myself back by choice in alignment with what has been needed and now I'm deeply feeling the alignment that is coming forth with a formidable energy that ripped me apart last weekend!!

Where I felt everything was falling apart, that I had no foundation to stand on and all I could do was go with it while tending to my thoughts and emotions of WTF?!

An event that I was going to attend over the weekend became clear that it was not aligned.

I had my son home with me when he was going to go to his grandmas.

The home we were going to move into did not work out due to mold.

I mad the most of it while looking at what this was showing me.

My son and I spent time with our friends in nature, by a fire, at playgrounds, he ended up catching 'cold' though I know it was an upgrade for him since he didn't act like he was, he usually is down and out for a day and wont' eat. This time as he was blowing his nose and coughing as he was running around like the wild and fun man he is in great spirits.

I am being shown a greater truth of who I am so I can create from this space and it has been waiting within me to fully embrace and surrender into.

I'm doing a 180 and riding right along with this redirect on so many levels fascinated by what will Be!

What exactly that looks like as I move in the world is to be seen....

As it is for all of us as we continue to the deepest core source wisdom of ourselves right now!

What is life showing you?

I know for many of us it's to slow down, rest while tending to the accelerated shifts we are in!

The best way is to be centered, present and willing to greet what arises with the an open heart and mind to receive the messages and let the way show us, let ourselves show us!

Sending you so much love!!

This is the perfect time to connect and embody this more in

Liberate Your Soul!

6-Week Journey to Be Centered in Deep Presence and Pure Love for InBodied Authenticity, Harmony, Joy and Peace

Check it out and join here!

The group is phenomenal so far and you will be held in Sacred space to open in the most Divine ways!

Email me if you have any questions!!

Simply reply to this email :-)

Master Monday will be Monday November 6th!

9:30am PT/ 11:30am CT/ 12:30pm ET/ 5:30pm BST

This is a gift based offering and anyone can join freely!

We are together for one hour.

I share more details on the current shifts, guide us in a relaxing loving meditation to support transformation and embodiment and open the space for you to share!

More details, with zoom link will be sent out this weekend!

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