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ACTIVATION IN ACTION - You, True Source Self Emerging

Profound, immense energy landing!

Feeling it?!!

I feel my whole being merging with the creation codes.

The role I play on this planet in this life, a crystalline bridge to

Source, to other worlds, to the New Earth.

What's coming alive for you?

I am witnessing collective and individual massive shifts as

our true source selves are emerging with the frequencies of light

and true creation codes of our planet, universe integrating right

now so take it easy with yourself.

As you receive these frequencies, codes and source soul energy

relax into the moment allowing it into the spaces of your body.

Create more space for stillness, witness the experience.

These frequencies are hitting us in our core! Another purge and

opportunity to see the truth of who we are through our lifetimes

and in the collective.

Whatever is right for you to come to the surface right now, allow

and be ok with however it is showing up for you so can follow

it through to the other side.

In this journey we often times want something specific to happen

in our meditations or daily life that is incredible and life changing.

Leading to frustration and or lots of seeking from the external world.

There is a place for learning and being supported by others and remember

the best place is inward, this is where what you are seeking lives.

When we release the need to have or receive something specific something

greater can come in.

To create a moment of relaxation and possibility, sit and breathe.

Just sit and breathe, open to you, You.

Letting the open space that is created by breathing soften the mind and release

any hold you have on anything, to free all the space in your being to BE what is

and receive.

Receive what the moment wants to be and that be ok, be enough,

that you are ok and you are enough as is right here, right now.

Keep it simple within so that what is taking place can be done with

more ease.

I did this, simple sitting and breathing last night after my son went to sleep.

All day yesterday and today I have been feeling an intensity that required

lots of deep breaths to stay calm in all the action of life.

As I breathed to relax and I noted that I had been tense and judging

that I was not receiving information about what is taking place

as I usually do though i am feeling it!!

What happened next truly reframed my perspective.

A couple of months ago I was taken to the space of code creation, pre - Mu

time. When we were creating the codes for Earth and other creations.

And again, last night, I was flooded with this memory and the holographic field

that I hold at this time.

Some years ago I was told that as we go through this shift that we

are experiencing now eventually astrology, archetypes, symbology

and dimensional experience will also change into something new.

The deeper we go into this Grand Shift I am merging with the creation

codes 'again' to be the bridge to this 'new experience.' so in some ways I am

'leaving' this world as we know it while it is still here.

It's a bit strange.

Since I talk about no separation I am feeling a bit of separation from the old

and needing to fully be in the dimensional worlds of what is possible for all

of us to experience as we gain more consciousness so I can integrate with them

on all levels of my being to be the bridge.

I am in these dimensions working with codes to support each one of us in

truly merging with Soul so that we can have, be what is created as the New

Earth already!

And all of you are supporting me and this transition as well, thank you!!

On December 14th we will have a Solar Eclipse and I am now being shown solar

codes from the Sun Beings that we will begin to receive a few days prior. I will write

about this as it is taking place.

And one Mastery Monday this month is on December 21st, so we will see

what comes through!

Also, there are only 3 spaces left for you to join Awakened Soul Mastermind. We have an amazing group of Souls already committed and we would love to have 3 more! If you are interested email me and you can go here to find out more!

In the Mastermind we will be directly supporting each other in BEing our True Source Soul Selves!

Thank you for reading all the way through and may we be strong together

Soul to Soul!

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