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Activation in Action - Pure soul Unity now

We are in a deep phase of Unity Integration with Pure Soul Unity codes coming in.

Leading up to this I have had inquiries that I put out to my community on facebook and now are bringing to you. 

I will share this and what I have received about the current direction of shifting programs and use of language that involves the activation of these Pure Soul Unity Codes.

So bare with me, it's a bit long though I move through these realms to support you!!

In the facebook group, I asked what people feel they are experiencing, Awakening or Ascension.

To which many interesting responses were given based on personal experience and perceived definitions of what awakening and ascension are.  

Following that I asked what programs people would like to transform

from their field and DNA.

There were great responses to this as well with programs of fear, lack of self worth, lack mentality, limited beliefs, anger, limited possibility and more.

Do you recognize any of these for yourself?

These questions are significant right now.

We can create certain ideas or definitions for our experiences that may not completely reflect the unified truth of what is happening and what we are being called to be.

Which doesn't make anyone 'wrong' or 'off track'.  I am witnessing a foundational

architectural shift in our way of being that opens the door for depth understanding or overstanding of how we are thinking and moving on our soul consciousness path.

As I move deeper into the shifts that are taking place the merging and unification

of the fields is really profound.

The polarization right now reflects this.

How could polarization reflect unity?

An extreme is a response to another extreme. Polarity and Unity.

The merging, which is the middle ground transitional shift of all that is separate to come into Unity is taking place.

Do you notice how extreme your emotions or thoughts can be during a transition, a change?

I bring this up because I want to clarity Awakening and Ascension and how we

are working with the programs and belief systems that separate us from the experience of Unity.

When I meditated on a what to call the work I do,  my purpose, my mission in this life, Awakened Soul came in.

It was a statement, an actualization of truth that we are already awakened, the Soul IS a unified state of being that is Source energy, our original source spark that individuated from Source and has encoded within the energetic structure all that is, all that is in the entirety of creation as well as all that we are as a unique aspect of Source.

In this body, life of a human here on this planet we in essence are already awakened.

It's the programs, mindsets, beliefs, responses to our environments and experiences that are creating the idea and energetics of separation.

Though we can for instances be in states of unity and experience the power and bliss of being unified the magic is being in the capacity of this in all we do.

If you think about it our bodies and brains were wired for the awakened state of being.

Now we are going through the process of merging our own internal and external fields with the true nature of our unified awakened state.

The way our minds work we want definition and processes so we talk about awakening and ascension.

And yes there are parts of us that do wake up to our truth and soul and deeper conscious awareness about reality, and in ascension we are elevating in frequency of our bodies and planetary vibratory states.

AND when we focus on being awakened we can merge with unity and the capacity we can hold will shift what is not in alignment with unity, out of separation.

Our continued concentration, or foundation of thought that all is Unity we create a more stable field from which to respond to polarity/duality.

In a space of Unity we move into our supernatural abilities that is our natural way of being that alleviates the need to be anywhere but here and now.

The reason why I don't use the term Ascension is because we are not going anywhere.

Yes we may have a different qualitative numbers and feelings with different experiences and states of consciousness we have though when we step into a unified field, the zero point the full expression is all encompassed without separation of frequencies, dimensions and experiences.

No New Earth is splitting off and going anywhere.

We are not shifting into the 5th dimension. We may be taking on more functions and attributes of the 5th dimension though the planet is already working with 8-9 dimensional functions and we as consciousness are also working with other dimensions.  We are all unique and going through a powerful merging with our souls that allows the dimension that we are tuned to be a catalyst for others to become their soul expression that does not require us to be In any one dimension or another.  

Nothing such as timelines are collapsing.

We are Merging.

When we merge all the fields then we are accessing all that Is in one place.  

Right here, right now.

So we get to have some mindset shifts around Awakening and Ascension.

With this merging, as we are experiencing, is the coming to the surface of what is not in alignment with the merging, unification field.

The distortions of separation.

Any program, idea, limiting belief, patterns, etc are points of separation.  

And they all are a part of Unity.  

Nothing is separate, really.

So the power of this is - We can choose how we want to exist in Unity.  

Do we want to live in the distortions of separation in Unity while be individuated as our Soul Unique Selves!

When we choose to live in Unity, allowing in our minds and hearts for everting that exists within and without us to be Unified then we have true Power!

True power to be and access all that we need.

We can recognize that we are every dimension, every function and that our Soul Unique Self is creating from a blueprint expressing one or more of of the dimensional functions more than others though they all exist within us.  We can choose to be in 3D or 5D or 12D or any one of the dimensions at any given moment to create something within that energy structure and even then we are still operating within all the dimensions.

When we focus on being in just one dimension or another or that one is better than other and we have to raise our vibration to be Awakened or healed we create more separation.

The most important thing is where we put our Conscious focus and allow ourselves to merge fully with who we are as One Whole Being.  

When we speak about releasing, clearing programs what I focus on is the power that we have given them, transforming the energy so we create a different frame of reference of the power and choose to use it differently.

It's all the same energy, just a different focus.

So I am looking for new words to use.  Instead of blocks I use imbalances. Instead of releasing and clearing I use transforming.

And I am going to go deeper into this within to discover how to shift language to create the true expression of Unity Consciousness.

And as I mentioned above we do talk a lot in terms of frequency and vibration and as you move into a 'higher' level of consciousness it all begins to merge so that isn't even a focus anymore. What the focus becomes are the codes we are receiving right now.  Pure Soul Unity. In Pure Soul Unity we are balanced in heart and mind, body and soul. The hemispheres of our brain working together to create a presence that watches, listens, hears then acts upon the inner knowing that is.   Being in this state requires the purity of mind and heart though doesn't rely on anyone frequncy or dimension. It just is. Now we are being called to be in our centers. Pulling all of our awareness to our pure center channel to recognize our Souls as unified with all that is and allow this integration into matter, our bodies and all that is in physical form so we are synergizing with unity. Pay attention on your thoughts, focus and movement.  Are you in fluid harmony with what you are feeling, even if it is something that doesn't feel 'good', because this is a part of Unity to.   Embrace all and you can then be in a space of Unity and be the soul unique path that is you to create what is You! Resisting, wanting something out or gone or struggling is the distortion of separation. Embrace whatever it is and nurture it. Merge who you are and want with what may be imbalanced and see how much easier it shifts. We will go into more depth on unity in terms of frequencies and dimensions, transforming programs and language soon! May you be well! Please share your thoughts and inquiries about this writing. So much love and support for you! And thank you for reading this whole creation! To your Wholeness!

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