Activation in Action - Pure soul Unity now

We are in a deep phase of Unity Integration with Pure Soul Unity codes coming in.

Leading up to this I have had inquiries that I put out to my community on facebook and now are bringing to you. 

I will share this and what I have received about the current direction of shifting programs and use of language that involves the activation of these Pure Soul Unity Codes.

So bare with me, it's a bit long though I move through these realms to support you!!

In the facebook group, I asked what people feel they are experiencing, Awakening or Ascension.

To which many interesting responses were given based on personal experience and perceived definitions of what awakening and ascension are.  

Following that I asked what programs people would like to transform

from their field and DNA.

There were great responses to this as well with programs of fear, lack of self worth, lack mentality, limited beliefs, anger, limited possibility and more.

Do you recognize any of these for yourself?

These questions are significant right now.

We can create certain ideas or definitions for our experiences that may not completely reflect the unified truth of what is happening and what we are being called to be.