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Greetings ,

Happy Full Moon!

The squeeze is on right now with the profound source codes flooding through

our fields!

Feeling it, whew...?

We will dive into this after these announcements -

  • We are so excited to unveil to you soon an in person live 4 day event on Sacred Crystalline ground in Arkansas in October to Embody your Soul and Create the New Earth!! We will be going deep into sacred presence of unity within and tuning into the new Earth energetics to truly Be the divine Source Soul you Are! Stay tuned!!!

  • Check out this fantastic series that I'm honored to be a part of. It’s called the Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit III and right now you can register for free here! Helena brought together 16 quantum healing luminaries who will open the doorway to your accelerated healing - activating health, harmony, and the potential you were BORN to step into!​​​​​​​

  • ​​​​​​​Join us for Mastery Monday on August 2nd (Tuesday for our Australian and New Zealand friends). With all that is going on be sure to catch this for the energetic updates as well as the meditation and activation to support you and all the fields. Watch for the reminder Sunday, the day before.

Ahhhhh, deep breaths, yes lots of deep breaths as we are moving through unchartered territory while the depths of our beings and the collective continues to purge!! I've been quiet with e-mails and in the Facebook group as I am feeling to be more inward and deeply focus on what is in my immediate field, though know that I am also in meditation daily giving gratitude for all of you and sending love! My intention with this email is to share what I am perceiving in the field and how to navigate it with calm awareness, neutrality and harmony. For there are layers of the light/dark that are at play that we get to explore and move into balance with. The sun has been sending out massive energies with explosions on the surface as well as the typical solar flares over the last weeks, impacting earth with increased waves of energy. Attempts through the codes of the photons to reach more people with greater impact into the wisdom and strength of awareness of the truth of self, source. The waves going deep through the center of the earth where then they are emitted to the surface again to clean the inner and outer fields of Earth as well. The codes specifically changing our molecular structure into harmony and unity of Source, transmuting all the overlay and AI programs into pure energy and all DNA that is part of the overlays becoming unbonded, dissolved into pure energy integrating with the pure DNA and light of the cells. Our bodies are changing to become more light and connected into Source. The trees, plants and all living beings on this earth are also shifting on this cellular level. I am seeing it in the trees and in the creatures who live around my home. In the past couple of nights there has been a beautiful bird singing all night long, a gorgeous song that is sweet and gentle with so much life serenading us through the full moon, flowing and holding the light in the night with blissful beauty. We are being so supported with these life altering changes and there has been increased tension in our bodies and minds as we are pushed to either flow or battle with the energy. The tension of the integration showing up as fatigue, physical pain, increased dream states, visions, etc. How are you experiencing this? As I felt the intensity increase and my body react by holding energy along my back I breathed through my heart sending it into my back and the rest of my body opening the space to allow all that was coming to the surface through me to move with ease as well as relax the body. My son has been agitated and irritated with this energy so I've found myself taking many breath breaks, breathing through the heart in the moment knowing that he is doing the best he can with this energy as well, and share with him that it is a challenging experience so we can choose to work the energy differently. He is amazing! The key thing right now is to continue the best we can with feeling all that is coming through our and others minds, emotions, bodies, soul and meet it with curiosity, compassion and love. That we allow everything to flow through and anytime we feel resistance to acknowledge it and explore it, knowing it's nothing bad just a feeling that we can look at to know ourselves more deeply. Sometimes just by acknowledging and breathing with the resistance it shifts without a need to know anything about it. The body/field just need attention and more space to move the energy through. You are a powerful being that is Source, creating this experience, unifying with the energy you consciously create the shift into harmony on this planet! Now into some of the shady things going on to be aware of so we can fully understand why it's necessary to be in our center, flow with this energy and let it all out and through for a full cleanse. As some of you know I get to play in the fields watching the 'dark' and the 'light' battle, go back and forth, try to work it out and then start the cycle over again. I've been watching this for years with increasing intensity and now it's getting REAL. In my last email I mentioned that the Earth has shifted rotation which has changed the magnetism that our bodies are also adapting to, now along with the magnetism shift of the moon and sun! In the past as in distant past, there were many overlays that many beings have been overseeing to create false agreements and energetics with Souls as they entered Earth to alter the lives/consciousness of us here on Earth creating the distortions in emotions, mental states and physical health. Structures, physical and energetic were placed all over the planet in power spots to change the natural rhythm and flow of the Earths body and crystalline grid network flow. (I have been guided over the years to different lands in body and out to undo some of these structures with success.) This system, beings and the AI holding the false matrix in place is dismantling right now as I mentioned above through the source codes with the greater awareness and support of all of you and other beings creating harmony within and through the Earth and beyond. To prevent the dismantling I have seen that there is a great force within and above Earth working to move this new rotation and magnetism of the Earth back or into a different rotation altering the frequency out of the Unity Source flow. This is also causing us to feel inner battles, deep angers, rage, grief, sadness, confusion, doubt as our awareness on some levels is feeling this attack on/in Earths field. And it's causing the fatigue in the body/mind as we the body is trying to work with all this changing/altering energy. Everything that is happening in nature, natural disasters, peoples mental/emotional/physical states is also a reflection of the natural cosmic shifts as well as the battle. You may find that yet again a new virus variant is being used to try to cause more fear and upset in the way things are functioning during this crucial moment of increased consciousness potential as it did last year. (I hold healing for all that have been in contact with the virus). Find the harmony with all of this! We don't need to battle or fight, if you choose be the Harmonizer, Unifier that is willing to see, feel all that you are and all that is with neutrality so we shift the program of war on all levels recognizing we are all both light and dark, in Unity they are balanced, non individuated in purity. In this always be willing to call what you see as it is, share your feelings, be transparent with the effort of coming into mutual understanding and benefit for all. We are not to hide our feelings and who we are for the sake of Unity, it is only in full transparency that we will Unify, more on this in an upcoming email!! It came through for me to affirm I hold steady in the stream of harmony and balance the foundation of Source Unity. Centered, balanced, neutral, loving, powerful and wise is Source, as I, in this body strong. Supporting 'me', 'my' awareness, this body, and all that exists I flow steady and strong in harmony as Source. You can use whatever words that works for you invoking the feeling from within that is wise and knowing for your strong support! I was deeply feeling into these fields on Wednesday morning and watching all the movements of energy on so many levels, seeing the new coming in while seeing the efforts to prevent it when I was scheduled to record an interview with an esteemed ally in this field. As we got on the call I realized that I needed space and to not be interviewed. My beautiful friend being heart centered and seeing what's happening right now completely understood. So we shared with each other. Confirming something else we were both witnessing and navigating. That is increased attacks and manipulation of people we call light workers, shamans, channelers, empaths, etc. We are seeing it with people we work with, friends and others who we know do this work. I have seen the entities and altered information come through people for over a year and now it has greatly increased. Some people being completely hijacked with severe physical, mental, emotional issues and/or minor symptoms in which they are in denial or unaware of. Which is concerning to have messages and energies coming through some people we think of as highly aware and it's possibly supporting the opposite field they want to create!! So I ask you to be diligent in what you open your field to. I am not here to invoke fear but to create the awareness that it's best to keep a tight ship right now and choose with clear alignment who, what and how you are listening/watching people. Also knowing we are all in this game and what is aligned for all of us to play out and experience may not look the way we had thought! Sometimes roles need to be played that don't seem so pretty and to keep an open mind for the harmony in all of it!! For years I have kept a low profile, always wondering why I'm 'playing small' and why I am most always feeling not to open myself to many others in the field, this was preparation in really knowing my field in centered awareness and navigating the different energies with clear awareness. Now that 'I' am working directly through source not channeling different beings I see why this has shifted and what the guides did show me when there was interference in the field. I can identify alter egos of Masters, entity attachment and disguise as Master beings, higher self, Soul clearly. I am careful and always vigilant about my energy, thoughts, feelings, and actions and motives to make sure that my field is clear. And I ask for you to be as well. In your joy and happiness choose your center, your love, your harmony and play in the field of life with the greater awareness of your Source Soul Self as it is embodying more and more for us to uplift this gorgeous earth and all who dwell within and on it! We hold those that are being compromised right now with love and compassion that they will heal and become more aware of themselves and we send protection so that we can shift the cycles of distortion into one of thriving, free, generative, collaborative lives for all!! Allow this Full Moon to illuminate the New You that you are and are becoming to Unify with Pure Centered Balance!!

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