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ACTIVATION IN ACTION - Foundation of New Earth, Merging with You

Greetings ,

An Abundance of energy is flowing through the planet right now.

The crystalline light of New Earth codes anchoring in, creating a new

foundation within Earth and us!

What are you experiencing?

With these codes you may experience

  • biological and physiological changes in the body

  • heightened awareness and expansion

  • new abilities or deeper capacities coming online

  • more willingness to leave the old matrix and program behind

  • discomfort on all levels or specific to one area of your being

  • difficulty sleeping or longer deeper sleep

  • a feeling of pressure or compression in your field

  • memories of the 'past', lives/timelines coming into your consciousness

  • profound levels of transformation within

  • and more

The other night in meditation I traveled into the core of the crystal in Brazil where this body's whole physical structure began to rearrange. I literally felt my organs shifting in vibration and function.

Since then I have been very hungry. I had been eating really light up until my body had to work with this integration. So still eating light though more of the light foods! Wild!

I am still sitting with this to see what is taking shape within! Stay tuned.

After this I felt the structural field of the grid shift and today saw the crystalline plasma light codes beaming in from the cosmos meeting in the center of the Earth and traveling through the streams of consciousness of the grid to be emitted to the surface.

We are receiving the codes from within and without!

In our divinity creating the New Earth.

Allow yourself to stay intent on what your foundation of life is.

Your core beliefs, values and way of being.

Foundation and the Root Chakra has come up frequently in

sessions with people recently.

Deep shifts of security, stability and connection from the old paradigms of this life into a new field of knowing of Soul and Self as the true inner foundation!

Create space to reflect on what your foundation has been - beliefs, ideas, patterns of security, stability, family, tribe and decide what is valid for you now, as a Soul.

Tune into what will support you being Soul embodied, living in Unity of your being to integrate the incoming frequencies strengthening the field for us to transform into the perfection of the divine New Earth.

In the next few days I will be sharing with you more about this New Earth foundation and the Centered Pure way of living for optimal Soul embodiment.

Til then take divine care, be neutral in unity consciousness to witness observe and allow!!

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