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Activation in action: Diamond mind Upgrade

Over the past months we have been going through the 'purge' will layers

of activations of physical and of higher heart.

Now we are experiencing the codes from the Andromedan Crystal Core

into the Pineal gland upgrading our experience into the higher mind.

The Andromedans are the crystal grid network architects connecting us

with the omniverse through all that is.  this is are unlimited capacity to

access all information, experiences, memory and the space/time continuum.

When we come into higher mind we are able to be clear in our reception, perception

and discernment.

Aligning with higher mind with higher heart and our physical bodies allows for our whole being to be in rhythm with the frequencies of our true natural state.

This is where we are the witness to our existence moving with information without

attachment to desires, ego, emotions and illusions.

As we get closer to the lions gate on 8.8 we will be receiving the mastery codes

from Sirius, as they are already coming through now with this as well though the 

intensity of the frequency upgrades will increase and call us ever deeper within to

breathe this light into our consciousness transforming the lower density frequencies

throughout our whole being.

This collective shift is the path for us to focus and maintain to come through this transition on the planet with more collaboration, connection, inner strength, courage, trust and harmony.

Today we can breathe a little easier with the lighter energy and serenity that comes

through the mind and heart with this diamond activation.

Let the vibration settle you into the body where you let the mind rest and the heart

soften, feeling the subtle energy of YourSelf move you.

Take a moment and breathe this in.

Focus on your pineal gland, visualize  diamond, let the light shine a new geometry

through your brain activating all your higher conscious centers into your whole body and energy body.

Breathe in and out with this energy, allowing the integration to take place through your body, DNA and higher self.

Feel in your body so you are being the living light being you are!

Experience the expansion, grounded in!

Let me know how you are experiencing this by replying to this email.

We love hearing from you!

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