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💫ACTIVATION IN ACTION - Being Wild, Let Your Light Shine 💫

We are getting lit up with so much light!

Heating up our inner fire, stoking the natural energy of true nature!

What does it feel like to be Soul Embodied?

Feels wild and free, strong and stable, clear and knowing....

This is time to liberate the wildness within, the untamed, unstructured, unseen parts of ourselves that we have hidden or diminished in our lives.

What wants to come flowing through you?

Let it!

What colors, feelings, experiences are burning brightly within that you are watching, maybe doubting or aren't sure about...

Sit with them, listen to them, open to them, let them guide you into the beauty of your Soul.

Feel the rich wild nature of yourself and let your light shine.

We are in a moment where we are being encouraged to be freer then ever before.

And this freedom may be very different from any freedom you have felt or envisioned.

This freedom is You, pure creator.

What will you create?

Open your heart, your mind, your body and let them unite in the wild light of your Soul!


That's the message of the cosmos today!!


So much love to you! 💓

And if you want to feel freer and the wild, true Soul energy that you are join us to liberate yourself from where you may not feel enough to shine your light!

What's most important is shining your light for you!!

I AM Enough, For ME First, will be a potent conversation and meditation to embody ourselves in full acceptance, gratitude, love and strength.

In our discussion we will unwind where we don't feel enough and where we do feel enough to bring the two parts of ourselves in union and harmony!

In meditation we will transmute the areas where we hold the not enough in our bodies, minds, hearts to allow the Soul light of our truth to fill and lighten us up!

We will also identify ways of being, practices, tools to support the integration and ongoing embodiment of I am Enough, For me First!

We will gather Monday, August 28th 11am-1pm CST 9am PST/ 12pm EST/ 5pm GMT

Gift to register and you will be sent the Zoom link Please gift on the sliding scale via the links below $22 - $111

For Credit Cards and International, lower fees for everyone!


5126 (last four of phone number if asked)

This is the continuation of our previous gatherings... From Worthiness to Wholeness That it is now known as the Wholeness Series!

So much love to you and I look forward to being with you!!

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