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ACTIVATION IN ACTION: Liberation Codes Through this week we have been receiving higher frequency codes making way for the 12D recoding of DNA. Yesterday and Today I am witnessing our bodies, the earth and beyond DNA unwind, be recoded and wind up with a magnetic spin and to come into the natural state of our being. Beings of light, body and energy body becoming one fluid experience of light, of Liberation of all unbalanced codes to be balanced and centered in the truth of our existence. The planet, sun and central sun holding the dodecahedron of light for the DNA to move through releasing all old programs and recognizing the infinite patterns of existence for our consciousness to be free.

The 12th Dimension is about being full connection and embodiment of Soul, which is our true consciousness with our abilities and agreements. So this means another depth transition right now to continue our inner transformation and allow the changes to take place in us and around us to ride this wave into the New Earth expression. Who's feeling it? You may feel exhilaration, you may feel tense, fatigue... it's all feedback in the process. Peace and Much love Kristen

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