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An Honoring Of your Life + An Opportunity

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

I honor all that IS. I honor all that I AM and all that I AM not, and all that remains. I honor Unity.

“In this  profound depth of experience we are all in we are being called to BOLDLY step into and become who we came here to be to facilitate the potentials of the New Earth in frequency and manifest form. Take it with ease, it is happening..”

Greetings, I am in great honor of what is passing through at this time. We are in some of the most Activating Transitions of our time. In this  profound depth of experience  we are all in   we are being called   to   BOLDLY  step   into and  become  who we came here to be to facilitate   the potentials  of the New Earth in frequency and   manifest form. To truly Be Your Soul it takes a dedication that will take you places in such depths you have never know which needs clarity, focus and transformation. During this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and the following Planetary Alignments its crucial to come into a place of self care and honor to be more gentle and centered for a clear and easeful time. I will be sharing an energy practice on Friday that will assist with the  balancing of your energy body, body and mind to cultivate clarity, strength, and self power for navigating these turbulent and potent changes we are experiencing on all levels of existence. I want to share an opportunity with you though first, here is  a prayer of Honor of all that we are. This came through as I was pondering about life and  this fast paced   change we are experiencing into the next  decade of our lives. I spoke this to myself. I wrote it for you to speak to yourself. I HONOR YOU! I Honor My Life I honor this body that has brought me through another year,   another decade. In all the ways it has carried me, all the things I did not attend to, all the   care I have given, all the care   I do give and   to all the care I will  give you body,   I honor you. May I take better care of you, learn more about you and how you function   so I  can truly become a conscious embodied Soul, a light being who uses my  awareness to fully be in accordance with body manifest of light and Soul. I honor my vision, my voice, my hearing, my taste, what i feel physically, all the   pleasure all the pain, may it teach me even deeper about life and myself. I honor all of my thoughts and  emotions.  The ones I know, understand, and overstand, all the ones I am unconscious of and don't understand and overstand. I honor all that I have experienced and all that am experiencing and all that I am to   experience.  I honor my transformation. All the changes I have made, all the changes I haven't made and all the ways I   have grown,  and all the ways I haven't grown. I honor who I am becoming and the ways I move think and feel to become   who I am. I dedicate myself to being all that I AM, observing myself, being gentle with   myself and  doing what it takes with ease and grace. I honor the opportunities I have had, the ones I have, the ones I haven't had, the ones I have passed up, and the ones I will create again and new ones   coming my way. I honor who I have been, who I am and who I will be. I honor all of me and all that has come to pass, all that is present and all that   will come to pass. I honor all of me, the dark and the light, the balance and the spaces in between. I honor me. I honor my connections the ones' I have made, the ones I haven't made,   the ones  I am to make. I honor all who I know, have seen, heard, witnessed, touched, for they are a   part of me. I honor my family, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children all that i   know and   don't know  and all that has taken place among us, between us and   through us. I honor the earth and all that is has, is, and will provide me, I honor the Sun, the stars, the galaxy, the universe, the multiverse! I honor all that is, what i know and what I don't know. I honor my guides, my angels, my guidance. I honor my intuition and all that I have listened to and all that I have   not   listened too. I honor all that IS I honor all that I AM and all that I AM not and all that remains. I honor Unity. May I walk more consciously into who I AM, noticing all that is around me   so I  may become who I am ever so beautifully! Take a deep breath and let this honor in, fully let it in! And add anything you wish to honor! Now to honor you more fully. In this New Year, New Era I want to   support you   in being absolutely clear with who you are as a Soul and your next steps! Right now we can  utilize the power that is coming through  for clarity, transformation and to create a solid foundation  within to work from so all is aligned with your Creative,  Awakened Soul!  Our time is now!  We are in a profound window of clear transmission to bring through all that is most important for you to know, embody and heal. During the month of December we had a deep shift and activation of what is true and real for us to emerge while letting go of what isn't. Now in this new experience of ourselves we can anchor into our bodies, minds and energy bodies exactly who we are and what we are doing as a Soul for generating the power, energy and focus that is needed to move forward in center aligned action. Together in this   1 hour Clarity and Transformation Session   you will be guided deeply into Soul connection for direct information and healing. If you are experiencing any doubt or confusion about your path and you want clarity this is for you.

If you have clarity and need support to anchor in the energetic frequencies, activations  and next steps, this if for you If you are really ready to step on your Soul Path and need support in beginning/continuing your journey this is for  you. If you are Awakening and want transformation and support in aspects of your life that are imbalanced and not aligned with you as a Soul this is for you. Let's do this! I am offering this session at a discount through the month of January to catalyze  the Soul level Clarity and possibilities for you and as a collective! Click here for your 1 hour Clarity and Transformation Session. You will be taken to the page with the information about the session  and how to access the payment link.   The payment is through PayPal, if you wish to gift me through another payment method let me know by replying to this email. I will reimburse any fees incurred through PayPal. Let's catalyze!! Peace, Kristen   Awakened Soul

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