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Awakened Soul mastermind

It's time to come together and

support each other in our Awakening

to Create the New Earth!

We are in a pivotal time on our planet/universe.


We are being called to master our connection with our Souls on all 

levels, to purify, and embody our true self.


If  you are here you are most likely feeling the deep call and yearning

to know yourself and become who you came here to BE!


We will be navigating intense and powerful transitions in the 

months ahead where we get to create the New Earth as we are able

to stabilize our own inner power to maintain the frequencies of our

own sacred self and express with confidence the truth of our being.


My mission in this life is to guide you through the process, the transformational

journey into the depth of your Being to know who you are, uncover and express

your gifts, abilities and powers, and have the strength and clarity to embody and

live your Soul led life!!

The Awakened Soul Mastermind is designed to support you

through Your divine process and create more

Soulful Freedom!!

In this Mastermind we will:


  • create a powerful field of intention as individuals and a group to optimize a clear portal of Soul growth for all

  • explore Awakening experiences and how to navigate all the highs and lows with understanding, wisdom and integration for a more easeful path

  • enter into the deep wisdom of your intuition, inner knowing, and guidance to gain more trust, clarity and ability to listen and follow your Soul Truth

  • discover your gifts in this life that want to be known and create the most graceful path forward into your fullest expression 

  • create a powerful sacred circle of Awakening Souls for community and to support each other with the diversity of wisdom, knowledge and experience we already access

  • transform old patterns, programs, beliefs and more that are not in alignment with your Soul embodiment

  • uncover the force of unity through our galactic origins and missions in this life

  • be guided in Activations and Meditations to connect deeply with Soul, our guides, upgrade DNA and the cyrstalline Light Body, purify our bodies, minds and hearts to align and embody the Awakening experience

  • and more!

The Awakened Soul Mastermind is 6 Months in which You will receive:


  • 1, 1 hour Intro Zoom Session to meet and greet and create the field for our time together

  • 1, 2.5 hour Mastermind Zoom Video call per month, recorded

  • 1, 1 hour Mastermind support Zoom call per month, not recorded

  • Email support with me 

  • Practices, tools, and actions steps each call to support you in your growth and transformation


Each call we will:


  • begin with a grounding, centering, heart/mind/soul coherence meditation

  • explore and discuss an Awakening topic, that I have announced and sent preparation for

  • have space for you to comment and ask questions

  • receive guidance from me and others

  • be guided in Activations, Meditation, practices and tools to up level our bodies, minds, and hearts for more synergy in connection with our higher self 

  • create and commit to practices, tools, and actions steps to support you in your growth and transformation​​​​​​​

  • close with an integrating, centering, heart/mind/soul coherence and gratitude meditation

This is a 6 month commitment to YourSelf, Your Awakening, Your Soul Embodiment!

And thus to the collective Awakening!



This Mastermind is for you if:


  • You are truly dedicated to your Awakened Soul, Embodied Self

  • You are seeking support and guidance, and are willing to take on aligned practices and tools that will support you in moving forward

  • You know you want to be supported in a sacred group space in which you will contribute from your powerful center and show up in your full capacity, vulnerability and strength to give and receive

  • You are committed to yourSelf through the six months of the Mastermind


In honor of all the time zones and lifestyles I am going to offer 2 groups!!

One in the late morning/mid day CT and one in the evening CT.


If one group is more popular than another me may just have one group!


Each group will remain together for the 6 months, once you choose and begin a specific time and day you will remain with that group! This is to maintain sacred coherent space within each circle.


In grace and generosity the Mastermind is being offered at a sliding scale so that we can create a space for all and allow for abundance to come to each of us!!


You can join the Mastermind for $77 - $144/month!!  This is a deep discount in this experience of change and transition in our lives!  From my heart and soul to yours!


To find out more information and to apply click on the Yes! Awakened Soul Mastermind below to fill out the  quick application!!


I will contact you within 48 hours after receiving your application!


NOTE: If you have recently begun a 6 month or year long program with me you may apply for full bonus access! Please fill out application if interested.  

For those of you who have been in a 6 month or year long program with me you may apply for partial bonus access! Please fill out application if interested.

If you are thinking of joining in a program with me let me know on the application so we can ease fully create a stream of participation in both the program and mastermind! Thank you!

I look forward to exploring, growing, transforming and

Awakening with you!

The power of our minds, hearts and Souls is here!

In Unity,


Awakened Soul



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