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Planetary Grid work is an inward alchemical process.  It’s an application of the quantum concept of unity consciousness.  As our body is a microcosmic fractal reflection of the macrocosmic Earth, Galaxy, and Universe, through the Healing of our Self in Love, we heal the world and all of Humanity.


This event is focused on the Healing of the Heart, and Transforming Heart Walls which perpetuate wounding, isolation, and separation consciousness into deeper connection with Yourself and others through your innate wisdom increasing your capacity to be the Source love that unites us all. 


This will also support your power of inner knowing and reception of your truth and the strength to be your unique Soul Self.


We are in a profound transition that is calling us to be at one with ourselves, alchemizing all the inner and outer battles into pure energy uniting mind, heart and soul. 


When we are united within we radiate this frequency magnetizing and strengthening the innate energetics of Earth and all beings to be in Harmony allowing us to be in Divine Love and Aligned with our True Nature.







Join us to fully open into your heart, and the Center of the heart of Creation for a quantum shift of consciousness to be the divinity of your Pure Heart frequency, allowing your song to be set free within you, and to share it with the world with courage, confidence and joy.

Located in one of the most connected and powerful locations on the crystalline grid, Hot Springs, Arkansas is a precious location for us to gather and do this work together. 


Through accessing the master crystals beneath the earth here at this location, we can access Your and the Planetary Akasha, clear outdated coding and trauma memories, and install the Earth’s upgraded natural operating system coding of the New Earth into Earth and within you to be an embodied creator of this new way of being through your pure heart.


We will gather for a full day of

Heart Healing Activations,

New Earth Embodiment

Sound Healing


Lunch & Healthy Snacks for Fire Included


In Exchange we are asking

for a gift of $222 


heart cosmic.png

September 5th, 2021

Hot Springs, Arkansas

and into the night with Fire Gathering
and Ceremony to followWeather Dependent

We honor you and your presence! 
This is an extraordinary time to gather and share in these potent energetics coming through for us to heal, transform and embody the pure heart we truly are!

If you have any questions about the event before joining please e-mail


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