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Crystal clear
self awareness,
Embodied light 


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In Sacred Unity journey
Into your Soul creating clear communication with yourSelf,
Soul Template, and your Physical
and Subtle Light Body frequencies.

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        Crystalline Diamond
        Light Body Immersion

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Welcome to your Soul's invitation into 

Your Divine Light! 

This is a journey to unify and embody your higher Self, 

fine tune awareness of your body and energy bodies

with the True Essence of Source that you Are!


We are in a powerful transition into Our True Soul Selves!

This is an opportunity to engage deeply with the inherent brilliance of light and consciousness that you are!


 The Crystalline Diamond Light Body Immersion

is a space of conscious expansion, support, integration and

embodiment of our Awakened Soul Selves




I created a short video with a heart felt, grounded, clear description of  what the Crystalline Diamond Light Body is and the powerful potential of what is possible with the Immersion.

Watch the video here.

Our bodies are incredible channels of information.


Constantly moving information from one cell to another and around our bodies with our environment.


We are creating our bodies and environment every moment, every breath.


Our bodies are temples of our Souls.


Being embodied in this clear communication in wholeness is what the Crystalline Diamond Light Body Immersion is about.


The communication that we have shaped ourselves with is always in connection with our Soul.


Our bodies are made of several energy centers that are coded with different functions to support our existence as a Soul in a body.


These energy centers are meant to flow with pure energy of our Soul as Source creators.


We have energy flowing around our physical bodies that relates to our energy centers in the body and our environment as well.  


We are energy first that becomes physical as we decide it to be as a Soul to come into body and we carry with us into these lives as Humans all that we have ever been and will be.


Our Soul is animating this body and our consciousness is connecting with the environment around us with the foundation of our Soul.


Information and experiences from this life, past and future lives are stored in our Soul Awareness and are then stored in the energy centers of our physical body subtle bodies.


At this time we are called to be in our bodies, to fully embrace our physical existence to bring Soul into the body and illuminate Source consciousness in our lives.


Coming into clear access of our truth our thoughts, behaviors, experiences, past, and future is what we are always working with in these waves of purification.


The journey of being in our bodies as Soul shines light on the imbalances in our energy centers and subtle bodies to clarify and purify our being to create harmony in the communication of our minds, hearts, bodies and Souls to once again be in Source Creator awareness.


Now is the time to be in our bodies, connect with our sense of Self and be in full communication on all levels of our being to create our lives in a grounded, focused, free, clear way!!


The Crystalline Diamond Light Body Immersion is all about being creating the clear flow of energy and communication of the light of Source in our biology and as Soul to anchor ourselves in a powerful Soul led life.


Our bodies and energy bodies are the storehouses for all of it.


What is stored in our bodies and energy bodies determines the flow of energy of our system and how we relate to the structure of our existence.


Our existence is a Universe in and of its own that is orbiting in space in and around our bodies.  


We are a magnificent fractal of Source!


We are pure, potent, unique information that is flowing in our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, bodies, hearts, energy bodies.


This information is what creates the structure of our bodies and how we orbit in our environment.


This structure and flow creates how we feel about and move with ourselves.  


Let's be the Whole, Clear, Free and Empowered Soul in a Body that we naturally are, living conscious light on all levels together!










The Immersion is a powerful space to

  • discover your Self, trust in your Soul and who you are as a Soul led being in this life,

  • transform old patterns that are no longer serving your highest expression,

  • tune into your light body, physically and energetically, to unify and engage with your crystalline, diamond light to generate energy for a thriving life,

  • unite with your true essence, abilities, and skills to have confidence and courage to apply your guidance and live your purpose,

  • clear and activate DNA, energy centers and pure heart to be in coherence with the current frequencies of your Soul, the Earth and beyond,

  • receive guidance, support and connection from your higher Self, me and others on their Awakened path,

  • explore the power of unifying on all levels with others in a group that catalyzes transformation and embodiment, 

  • create and be supported with action steps and practices you will take to further your growth as a Soul!




What others have said about the Immersion

  • "...I've completed all of my goals for this year!"

  • "...I've had a big shift, now all of this feels natural, easy. I AM my field and I'm blasting with light."

  • "In the beginning meditation was hard for me, and now I can drop into a space of peace, and I'm able to be in peace when there's everything going on around me."

  • "I've melded with the Angels, all I have to do is be the light"

  • "I am so grateful for everyone in the group, powerful space we have shared."

  • "I've learned from everyone here, my heart is open."

  • "We are the key, we are in a depth of neutrality,...divine."

"The energy of a collective is greater than the sum of its parts... I have known this, yet never truly embodied the feeling until the Crystalline Immersion group. I felt guided and supported with a team of open minded souls connecting across the world. Kristen is thoughtful and adaptive in her approach, as always. So much gratitude... 💙 Gina"

"I am experiencing the Crystalline Diamond Lightbody Immersion group as a safe and sacred space in which all of us, whatever our spiritual experience or background, come together to learn, grow, experience and share. Although we have never met physically, we have created a beautiful field that connects us at the level of our souls. To me it feels like this field sustains, nurtures and encourages each of us, providing soul-level companionship, wisdom and support. Kristen guides this process of immersion impeccably, with profound love and honour for each of us. I have learned and gained so much through the immersion group. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge!" -Margaret







The Power of a group is so elevating! 

The first Crystalline Light Body Immersion began last year, 2021, initiated by the influx of light codes supporting us in purifying our bodies and awareness to know ourselves for who we really are.


Our initial group completed the 4 months.

Some left, others came in and this group has continued to this day!

The same group has been together for almost 8 months creating amazing alchemy, synergy, expansion and embodiment.

I am honored to open another sacred space for new people to come together amplifying the sacred space of our awakening path.


The Crystal of the Earth, Elements and Divine Frequencies of life itself speak very strongly through us in the space. 

Bringing alive and Strengthening our Pure Heart, Nervous System, Cellular Structure, DNA, Energy Centers, and Consciousness creating a new body uniting higher Soul level creator being within.

For over 2 decades I have been dedicated to knowing who I am.

Through this devotion many gateways of connection with the Earth, Elements, Master Beings, Galaxies, and Universes have opened up for me to access and embody my Soul and inner stand the functions of our creation of life, in body and in energetic form.

Becoming A Crystalline Diamond Light Body is our true form of being.

Strong in our foundation of who we are, shining our brilliant light from within to be in clear awareness in our hearts and minds bringing us into alignment and coherence with ourselves as creators.

Join us to be Light Body Activated, living a Soul Led Life!









In this Immersion:

  • We will meet 2 times per month for 4 months via Zoom

  • Each meeting is 1.5 - 2 hours

  • You will have email support with me and the group members throughout 

  • Interact with others if you wish via Telegram Messenger, an easy phone or computer app.

  • At the completion of 4 months you have the option to continue as we may integrate others in and some out as they choose :-)!

  • We will begin in August

In Each gathering we will:

  • Explore current light body energetics emerging within and in the field to support us in the current upgrades

  • Be guided through meditations and activations to alchemize the physical body into it's inherent crystalline light body

  • Engage in deep listening and presence with one another

  • Receive and give support, encouragement, and information as you feel called to with others during our time together

Please be fully committed to showing up for the 4 months to create the sacred container with all who are in the circle.

If you feel this is for you and want to connect first email me here.

We can hop on a short call and explore!

You have 2 options in joining the Immersion!

1.  Immersion ONLY - 2, 2 Hour Group Sessions per Month

In exchange for the Immersion

Suggested sliding scale gift of $111 - 188/month.

2.  Immersion + 4, 45 minute sessions with me that is

1, 45 minute session per month to support your Light Body experiences

In exchange for Immersion + Sessions

Suggested sliding scale gift of $211 - 288/month

You have the option of full gift or gifting month to month.

Choose your option below to gift. 


            IMMERSION ONLY                               IMMERSION + SESSIONS


Join for deep connection with others to expand, integrate and 

be supported as a Soul 

Look forward to being with you in the Awakened Soul

Crystalline Diamond Light Body Immersion!


In Unity,


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Light Body Gift
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