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Awakening Life Design Programs: 6 Month and Year Long

Are you ready to Awaken into Your Soul?!

You are probably here because you  are experiencing your Awakening and the deep calling from within to live a meaningful life of purpose and truly express your Soul! You are in the right place! These programs are designed for a deep dive into embodying your Soul template.

Together, with your Higher Self we create a clear connection with your soul and do the necessary transformation in all areas of your life to embody Your Soul Led Life design.

Your Soul is calling,

Join Me! 

We focus on: 

  • knowing who you are as a Soul and your purpose to create a

  • clear, direct pathway of communication to Soul, guides, inner wisdom 

  • while creating a foundation of stability within the body and mind 

  • for the ability to expand awareness and transform while maintaining practical application in life on a daily basis.  

We discover: 

  • who you need to BE to live your Soul purpose 

  • what outer environment best serves You, and 

  • what and who you are aligned with for a supportive regenerative experience inner and outer.

Are you Dedicated to More Deeply Embody 

your soul blueprint?!

You receive personalized tools from Soul and guides for this experience.

6 Month Program 

In the 6 month program we discover what you want to achieve in our time together and the main areas of your life to focus on for deep transformation and clarity for optimal embodiment of Soul.

Year Long Program 

In the Year long program we explore each area of your life in order of necessity as brought forth by you and your Soul for thorough healing, transformation and Soul embodiment and coherence in all areas of your life.

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