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family & Relationship's Soul purpose Guidance

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Relationships can be one of the most confusing and challenging experiences we can have in this life.
They are the most powerful teachers of who we are.

And they were designed this way!!  

When we come into clarity that we decided who we were going to relate with and why as a Soul before we came into this body we can have profound understanding, resolve and make different choices to create more aligned and easeful relationships.

My intention for this guidance is to give clear information of your Soul Contracts and Agreements and give guidance for creating resolve and transformation with current or past relationships.  

Join me to have profound clarity in your relationships!

When I was introduced to Soul contracts and agreements it resonated so deeply that I immediately began a deep exploration. I found depth of truth and connection on a Soul level in my own relationships, especially my immediate family.  And I began to notice patterns in my relationships with friends and partners that were really trying to teach me something about myself to deepen my own self understanding and become who I really am!

If you are curious about why you have had certain relationships and/or would like to have information and guidance on how to resolve and transform certain relationships and patterns in relationships this reading is for you! 

Awakening into our Soul creates the need to have clarity in our relationships so we can have more stability in ourselves and confidence in choices we make when relating to others.

I offer one time sessions and packages for the Family & Relationship's Soul Purpose Guidance.
You choose who want to have the information about.  The sessions are one hour and recorded with a follow up e-mail to check in and give any further guidance and clarity if needed.

For your Family & Relationship's Soul Purpose Guidance please click Yes! I'm in, fill out the short form.  I will contact you within 24 hours (unless weekend or holidays allow for 48 hours) to schedule a short call to see how I can best serve you and then schedule the session!

 are clear and aligned Relationships calling  you?

In the Family & Relationships Guidance you may Receive (depending on who/what you choose for reading):

  • Past and Current Life History of your Immediate Family - lifetimes that you have been together and how you have come to this lifetime now as a Soul family 

  • Contracts and Agreements of family and significant others of your choice which can include your mother, father, grandparents, siblings, partners/spouses/lovers, children, friends, coworkers, business partners (anyone that you have a strong relationship with or who has had a impact on you in some way)

  • The strengths, weaknesses and challenges that are present in the relationships for better understanding of how you and the other are relating for the ability to choose how to relate differently if need be

  • Guidance for transforming patterns in your relations that may include past lifetime clearing

  • Soul level clearing for trauma in relationships for harmony in your mind, body, soul

  • Deep Clarity of your life path and how your relationships have created the opportunity for your growth

  • Clear knowing of how to navigate your current relationships with more ease, love, compassion, and strength, confidence to make aligned choices for your path

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