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 Join me for Profound Awakening Catalyst Sessions! 

The 3 Catalyst Sessions are an opportunity to:

  1. Create a connection with your Higher Self for clear and confident guidance 

  2. Discover or deepen your conscious relationship with living your Soul Purpose  

  3. Identify and Transform a causal energy/program/mindset/etc. that is creating an imbalance for you and your Soul to fully activate and connect

  4. Integrate and anchor with your soul, purpose and guidance to begin or deepen your journey as an Awakened Soul

  5. Know necessary next steps to continue your journey with certainty, ease, boldness and strength

In these 3 sessions we create a foundation in who you are as a Soul that you can move forward with in all that you do.

Each call is designed to uplift and create the transformation necessary in the areas of your life of most priority to align with your Soul. I am here to support you on your journey.

  • This includes 3 one hour recorded calls, 

  • Email support in between calls. 

  • The calls are every 2 weeks.  

 Please fill out the short form so we can get to know each other better and schedule a call to begin your Soul journey together! 

Is your soul calling you to connect on a higher level?

During each call you have an opportunity to ask questions for more clarification from your Soul about anything that pertains to your life and the experience coming through during the 3 sessions.

  • The first call is the Foundation healing,

  •  second is Deeper Transformation and Integration,

  •  the third is to Anchor the experience do any more Transformation and Integration and create next steps and focus for the six months.

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