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energy Balancing


Energy Balancing is a very efficient way to relieve pain, stress, anxiety, discomfort, confusion, and bring clarity and ease into your day!    

I offer you Energy Balancing as a profound way to receive Soul guided transformation on all levels. Science has proven that energy is out of time and space.   When one directs energy towards another it is received instantly.   And with your Soul and your conscious awareness the results can be more profound.    

My intention is to connect with your Soul to see what is out of balance in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and together with your Soul, we direct the energy to create the healing and transformation necessary to achieve harmony.    

Join me to Harmonize your

Mind, Body, & Soul!

I offer one time balancing sessions and packages to receive energetic balancing weekly, biweekly and monthly! The sessions are 30 minutes or an hour and recorded.  You receive a follow up e-mail to check in and give any further guidance or information if needed.

It is my great honor to create a strong field of continuous healing for deep and lasting transformation. 

I have studied Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and DNA Activation.   Though I found that with my clear and effective Intuition and ability to connect with one’s Soul I am guided to do the energy shifts with personalized techniques without using a specific modality.   Information comes through directly and easily to create the transformation you are seeking. 

You always leave our sessions with tools, meditations, and next steps to further integrate and continue your balancing experience.  

Is Balance needed in your body and energy body?

In Energy Balancing:  
·        Relieve tension, stress, anxiety, discomfort, and pain for more ease and comfort in your day 
 ·        Discover ways to regulate your energy to integrate and adapt the changing frequencies that occur during your Awakening
 ·        Transform energy in one or more of your chakras to allow more energy flow and synergy in your energetic and physical experiences  
·        Release old patterns and begin to live from more aligned energies, mindsets and behaviors with Your Soul  
 ·        Create more clarity to make decisions with confidence and strength 
·        Receive direct information from Your higher self and guides for further balancing, next steps and ways to integrate and continue the balancing that came through during the session 

To receive deep and powerful Energy Balancing: Please click Yes! I'm in and fill out the short form. Thank you! Look forward to connecting!

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