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Messages From Loved Ones


Through my intuitive and soul connecting abilities I am able to connect with those that have transitioned out of their bodies. 


Often times in healings or session with people loves ones that have passed on will be present for support or share healing information.

It is humbling to witness the healing that happens when we know how our loved ones are doing, and the information that comes through to create resolve, understanding, communication and/or connection.

Join me to Connect with

Your Loved One!

In this session, Messages from Loved Ones, we create a space to connect with your loved one(s) so you can;

  • know how they are doing and where they are, 

  • share information with them,

  • create healing from what may have happened with them while they were in body or from what you experienced from their passing,

  • hear what they want to share with you,

  • what they may have to say about their death experience, 

  • what they get to experience now out of body

  • and anything else that wants to take place between you and your loved one.

Are you longing to reConnect

with Your loved ones ?!

I offer 30 minute and 1 hour sessions.


These sessions can also include guided healing from me with you or you and your loved one around the experience of the passing of your loved one and/or past situations that may have occurred with this person.


To connect with someone who has passed on please fill out this short form and I will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment.

Look forward to being with you and sharing in this profound experience!

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